Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, May 8, 2008.

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  1. Re: Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Poli

    Easy targets, try getting Gypos to court for not having Tax , Insurance Etc, Etc
  2. WTF happened to common god? Still i suppose thats what happens when they reduce the amount of ex-servicemen/women joining some forces to get 'a broader spread' of society. How many lads are rejoining from the police because of the backstabbing succeed at the cost of your workmates attitude of some of them. Thank god most of Devon and Cornwall are predominantly ex matelots and booties.

    ref the wasp thing Oily, quote 'Saxondale' - wasps, bastards, just bastards.
  3. *common dog (sorry, was ashore last night til sun-uppers)
  4. For CDF, substitute PC - not a good plan.
  5. Well what do you expect when plod in the main is as thick as two short planks.
  6. Re: Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Poli

    Doesn't really surprise me anymore stories like this , no common sense in some people these days , makes me proud to be English it does . not .
  7. Re: Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Poli

    More like for policing, substitute technology and rigid systems administered by low value civilian resource who aren't empowered to make decisions.
  8. Re: Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Poli

    Contributor Mode

    Of course the question to be asked of the Police is, based on their reported statement.

    "Anyone caught speeding within the nationally agreed limits has the option of either accepting the conditional offer of a fixed penalty, or taking the matter to court where any mitigating circumstances may be considered by the magistrates."

    The Police have both the option and power when considering the circumstances not to issue a fix penalty ticket. It would appear to be another own goal, this time by the Cumbrian Police.


    PS e-mailed Force HQ asking if thay have any option to consider mitigation, await to see if any reply appears.
  9. And again the poor copper who also has rules to follow gets kicked NOT the system that made him follow those rules!!

    One wonders why anybody would want to be a Copper in todays climate - he knows that whatever he does its wrong!!

    Bit like a Matelot, a Pongo or a Crabfat eh! time was when most coppers were considered 'on side' because a lot of them were either ex forces, or related to them AND WORKING FOR THE SAME BOSS! If not the same ends!!
  10. I suspect that the decision was made by some person sitting in an office who has targets to meet to ensure he and his boss get there bonus. They could of course refer the matter but choose to put the onus on the courts to save themself making a decision. The man had admitted the offence so is guilty but will the Magistrates give him an unconditional Discharge with no points of course not they will say we have to follow the Chancellors Office sentencing tariffs.

    Basically few wish to make any decision in the day and age.

  11. Re: Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Poli

    Just returned from Cumbria.

    First bridge over the border this morning had three camera in a line on the bridge one for each lane. The van was parked in the bushes with link up.
  12. Re: Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Poli

    The magic words said copper should look up are 'discretion' and 'common sense'
  13. Easy game, easy meat and easy targets is what modern policing is all about.
    I suspect it has always been that way but now the targets are different, those driving being a particular favourite.
    I cannot accept that the police are mere puppets operating policy and are not capable of making decisions, or, using discretion. To use this as an excuse is a lily livered 'cop' out.
  14. Re: Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Poli

    Yes, but in the old days, the easy target were criminals…
  15. Re: Another glorious victory in the war on crime by the Poli

    Yes indeed! but in these glorious days all are suspected of being criminals; the general populace not being trusted to be of a decent moral standard, all in need of monitoring and watching. Quotas must be filled and campaigns succeed.
    A trap has been set and the UK public have walked willingly into it.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sussex: Is it true the grass is greener in Spain? :roll:
  17. We have these camera vans parked up in our area at times,they drive over the pavement to set up their trap.
    Now when I was in the police in Kent I was told that it was an offence to drive over the pavement or along it.

    Surely they must be committing the same offence.

    I feel sorely tempted to take a photo and send it in but suspect I will be taken off in the dark of night never to be seen again.

    Anybody know if this offence still exsists?
  18. Nope not at all, but, and it's a big but, as that country is not patrolled by millions (and it is millions in the UK) of spying cameras; despite it having been the victim of a terrorist attack at least the equal, in terms of proportion, of the September the 11th attacks in New York. To this day you can walk right up to the parliament building and come within metres of the prime ministers official residence.
    Yes there is crime, undoubtedly more than there is in the UK, but the rights of privacy for the individual are enshrinened in the constitution, the first words of which are 'The power of the state lies in the people'. The UK has no such provision and despite feeling safer in the UK I feel more controlled; a feeling which I personally do not like.
    You have to have been abroad for a while, or, spend a lot of your time abroad to appreciate this.
  19. I think Sussex lives to close to a very major city Barcelona. We have little crime in our SE Corner of Spain I fee safe to walk the streets at any time day or night. Our sea front and beaches area safe at 1 a.m. and complete Spanish families 1 years old up to 99 plus dogs can be seen wandering about at 1 am in the summer season. Drunken UK or in fact Northern European stock, never seen in town. Now in Hove and Brighton its a no go area after 10 pm on foot. MOD Police would not allow myself and an oppo walk from Drake Gate to the Fleet Club at midnight, not safe they said.

    If I leave my urbanisation I will see on virtually every day Guardia Civil Traffic Police and Police Local evident of the streets and motorways. They take no prisoners.


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