Another glorious tradition gone to the wall

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. I am distraught as it appears that there will not be a fleet review for the diamond jubilee next year. I am sure we could manage to muster half a dozen or so grey jobs and if not, we could always borrow some from the French or the Germans to make up the numbers.
  2. I realise there in no royal yacht, titter titter but I am sure the IOW ferries could come to the rescue, fly a bit of bunting from the St Catherine and she would look the dogs bollocks.
  3. Such a shame, Finks. Especially as this kind of wee dit is unlikely to be repeated.......

    (42 years ago this summer. Gulp! :shock: )

    Sigh - Happy daze/days.

  4. Perhaps the RN could afford to send a couple of redundent C in C's barges, or failing that 27' whalers, to join the 1000 craft expected to follow Her Maj down the Thames.

  5. Careful Wits,

    At just about that time was the very first Moon Landing.

    'Mooning' was yet to be invented/perfected and Harold was still in No. 10..............!

  6. 1977 been there, done that, got the ceramic mug and T shirt but no brown nosers jubilee gong :cry: onboard the Jock Navy ship HMS Nubian.
  7. Could there be any better illustration of the changes in the Royal Navy's fortunes than those witnessed by the Queen during the course of her reign?
  8. Went on a bit though, eh? You'd be gutted if you were the last ship to be inspected
  9. I was ratarsed down the barbican in Guzz for the 1977 review, evidently that didn't qualify for the silver jubilee medal. Had to wait 25 years to get the gold one!!
  10. Agreed but it would have made the splicers that much more appreciated ... slaver, drool, slaver.
  11. Dragon Boats, Outrigger canoes, Dhows, Lorchas, Sampans, they are all contributing to save Betty being embarassed by our NO Fleet, sad, so bloody sad.

    Awaiting incoming.
  12. Thats bad news ...nothing looks better than sailerboys manning the upper deck for a sail past...
    Perhaps they will make do with a couple of carriers and a flypast by a harrier squadron .......

    er. sorry I forgot...
  13. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Call me boring, but I'd rather our warships were off doing stuff around the globe, than swanning about in Spithead cheering ship...
  14. you said it!!!!:hmm: Have you forgot about Tradition??? and when the RN could do both your above!!
  15. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    " Have you forgot about Tradition??? "

    Didnt we scrap tradition in the last round of Defence cuts? ;-)
  16. Yep, it's a shame there'll be no review. Nothing like being on the upperdeck bored to death for hours for no apparent reason. The biggest shame though is it won't afford the same old tossers the opportunity to bang on about what a waste of money it is and we should be deployed, earning a living, stopping pirates, smashing in compounds, saving Libya etc etc etc.

    Tradition my arse, waste of time.

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  17. Well said MLP and a special WELCOME TO CORNWALL :-D


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