ANOTHER Forces personnel hard drive missing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wave_dodger, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    "Forces personnel hard drive missing
    A computer hard drive with the private details of Armed Forces personnel is missing, The Ministry of Defence said.
    The portable drive contains the names, addresses, passport numbers, dates of birth and driving licence details of around 100,000 serving personnel across the Army, Royal Navy and RAF, plus their next-of-kin details, an MoD spokeswoman said.
    It also has data on 600,000 potential services applicants and the names of their referees.
    Officials are "not ruling out" the risk that bank account details of personnel were held on the drive, which belonged to its IT contractor EDS.

    I don't have much more detail but I'd like to know why so much data was on an external RHDD, if its encrypted iaw current policy and why given the amount of data (which must increase its PM) it wasn't stored/accounted for correctly.

    A similar breach led to PA losing their Government contract, can we now hope to see similar action taken against EDS (an HP Company), if not, WHY? If this was a serviceperson they would be court martialled and hung out to dry!
  2. Again FFS. If we lose a bit of kit its a C126/E126 at the rush and a boloking, the feckers are getting away with far too much. Current routines should have prevented this. Might I ask whta the feck this donkey was doing with the HD to be able to lose it?
  3. Gordon Brown probably sold it to some marketing company to get money to prop up the fat cat bankers.
  4. Too many civvies in defence...... :rambo:
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Mate, no point being outraged, it's par the course, what with all the previously lost data its the norm now for everyones details to be freely available....ok once the crims/terrorists/fraudsters have obtained the disks.

    BUT......OH.....THIS IS DEAD SERIOUS.....DONT.....disclose an MPs or judges home address because they're special unlike the great unwashed. ID cards anyone?

    I had to send all my details back to the UK the other day, including passport photo, passport number, photocopy of passport, last address for 5 years, mother/father grandparent details etc for a police clearance check, the police lost it all, great eh.
  6. Wouldnt happen on the Bill eh?
  7. Regretably EDS has far too much government business to be sacked, half of the goverment IT system would go tits up in seconds if that happened.
  8. As an EX EDS employee, Jockroach hangs his head in shame but is not surprised at how this could happen in that particular company. Who will lose their job / heads over this? probably the lowest on the Totem pole. So then who will wash the cups at the end of the shift? Not the poxy engineers that'll be for definate! ******s!
  9. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is that because the other half EDS have already cocked up?
  10. Is that because the other half EDS have already cocked up?[/quote]

    Mmmmmm..........probably YES!
  11. When this happend to the details of criminals in jail, the PC, Do Gooders, Cherie Bliar brigade all jumped in saying it infringe their rights and they should be due compensation in case the information is used against them.

    The silence is defening now that it is law abiding forces people who could have their homes targetted by fanatics or bank details duplicated
  12. Expensive Dodgy Systems - say no more.

    As for that bitch Bliar - can we not claymore her fat arse and rid the country of her once and for all.
  13. As a civvie in defence. (24 years RN service).

    Two words.

    **** OFF!
  14. Private Eye warned of the dangers of using EDS well over a year ago, but did anyone listen? :pissedoff:
  15. Typical Public Servent only know 2 words
  16. The Managing Director of EDS is ex Lt General Sir Rob Fry, recently retired after over 30 years distinguished service in the Royal Marines.
  17. Jobs for the boys
  18. I doubt very much if a company the size of EDS would appoint their MD on that basis!
  19. It's no suprise,every one knows that Bin Laden and the Russians/Chinese have to update their databases every so often!
    How pathetic is this Government?in fact how pathetic are all Governments?
  20. Ha - hire a chap with connnections in the forces.

    Nope I suppose it never crossed their minds.

    He was obviously the most IT qualified applicant!!! :bootyshake:

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