Another Diver Question lol

Going to the AFCO tommorow 22/4/09 and gonna get the ball rolling to join the navy as a diver, im from a marine background. I know what needs to be done physical wise. ( i still have my pre-training routine for when i joined the marines). Just wondering when you start your diving training what happens if you get injured or fail a section do you get back trroped or go into a hunter company equivalant, just wondering thats all. I am thinking just go with the same attitude as i did the marines and fingers cross should go well. I know bout the waiting list as well so it gives me plenty of time to train.
I left after 8 years, and have done so many opertional tours, just got to the point of getting fed up with it. You will find this is why alot of marines are leaveing cause there is very little fun trips and every thing is just aimed at the middle east. And if you say this is the reason why you joined up, you do a operational tours roughly every 18 months and remember op-tag training thats roughly a year, so you really dont have any time off. But i am happy i did my bit. Then after doing a few months in cive street it makes you realise how much you miss it, so joiing the navy is the best option and get a decent trade behind me.
If you fancy being a diver becos of the the EOD bit then dont rule out ATO, they are gagging for operators, alright so its army but your experience will standout, i did it for 15 years after 7 in meat and veg, give it a thought...

I know what it means, but how does it fit in the thread title?

"Another Diver Question lol"

"A bottle of gin, waiter roflmao"

"Shall I put meaningless text-speak at the end of a title jtmmlac"?

The list is endless...

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