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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Only last week there was a report on a young girl abused by her parents, now 5 days later this;

    Honestly what is going on? To murder the baby was horrendous but then to discover she had been sexually molested also - what human can get pleasure from a baby?
    To call that kind of animal a human is a disgrace in itself.
    This type of act of violence sickens and angers me.
    Its time like this I wish we had the same sentances as the US - ie death.
  2. Wth any luck the guilty 'person' (if that's what you can call it) will get what is coming to it in jail.

    ps. It was a family member again. How often does this happen?
  3. my thoughts exactly - too often from the sound of it
  4. Hanging is a non starter for these vermin. However castration would be a start, human rights issues, they should lose them!
  5. To my knowledge, it is only humans who derive sexual pleasure from assaulting the young of their own species, so let's not bring lesser animals into this discussion. We call it paedophilia and some consider this to be an illness, rather than the evil that I consider it to be.

    If my children were ever to be interfered with in this way, natural justice would prevail at some stage and the perpetrator would die.
  6. Here, here.
  7. not keen on muslim law a such but; tying this vermin up and having the village stone him to pulp sounds scr :twisted: ummy. kill them all.

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