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Another chance....would you join the same branch again....??


War Hero
given the chance again I would still join boats but this time around I'd go in as an MA. They always seemed to be law unto themselves and as there was only ever three (?) on board at sea they were pretty much left alone.

They were also given a lot of respect because of their access to needles and wotnot. :relax:
Re: Another chance....would you join the same branch again..

Without a shadow of a doubt, there was many a time I looked at other branches jobs and routines and thought I was quite well off, conversely I never looked at any other branch and thought that it would be a better job than mine.

WE (Ordnance) The Nads :headbang:


Lantern Swinger
Re: Another chance....would you join the same branch again..

Yeah but this time join up as a dabber rather than recat from chef.


War Hero
At the careers office, they only talked about stoker (and I imagined coal and shovels .....) or seaman so imagine my surprise to see other branches when joining Raleigh. After 5 years I re-catted to Greenie (Pinkie). Shame I "wasted" the first 5 years
Ganges trained Seaman, Dryad trained RP, Dolphin trained Submariner the creme de la creme of the Cream. It was of course in the days that sandscratchers could multi task.

The simple answer is yes, i would`nt change a thing, as a seperate question while on here, this OM Branch, are there any Chiefs?


Re: Another chance....would you join the same branch again..

Joined as a stoker in 54 at Raleigh when that was all they did.
Wasn't very chuffed when they changed our title to M(E)
In those days the orfficers wore colour between there rings to denote
there department. I think the engine room dept. was known as the purple empire.

Wouldn't change a thing
Re: Another chance....would you join the same branch again..

Dusty always - 'cos everyone wanted to be your friend --- especially when tot time came around ;)

But that is another story in the good old bad old days before compulsory T !!



War Hero
No! They shut the branch I joined up into, then reopened some years later (bunting tosser) wouldn't let me do the last course in the next branch I wanted to join (boomer) and I didn't find out about my final choice until too late - sailmaker!

Probably joined a century too late - story of my life! Now I'm to old to join anything, including the dole queue!
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