Another Boring Medical Question!

Hope u dont mind me asking posting for advice, I dont really know where else to go.

Im in very first stages, just waiting for RT date.
Been worried about ACL restrictions, i went to my GP today and pulled up my first notes from two operations i had following a cycling accident, in 1997. Can anyone tell me if this diagnosis on my exact medical history will affect my application:
Avulsion fracture of the right tibial spine involving the ACL to the right knee.
So basicly the top of my tibia came off with my ACL still being attached, but the Ligament was not damaged, only my Tibia and Fibrocartilage.

Bit of a detailed one sorry! Hope someone can shed some light, i've found this forum really helpful for other things :)
Think this is best to what the nature is i can find:
"Internal fixation with suture repair of the avulsion of the tibial spine was peformed, and arthroscopic repair of the lateral meniscal tear was pefromed."


As long as your knee is has normal function (ie you can run around with weights on your back) then you will probably be ok. Fractures like these usually require specialist assessment, ie by either an RN occupational physician or orthopaedic surgeon.

Good luck!


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