Another Argentian finance disaster looming ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by pg55555, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. You think a skirmish between the UK and Argentina will be the next big engagement for the RN?
  2. Stand by for some Argy rhetoric and drum beating to rouse the good people of Argentina into a national fervour over the Falklands to divert attention.
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  3. doesn't stop them trying to buy Kfirs from Israel.
  4. Don't worry guys I got a first in my unit on Latin American Economics- I'll sort it.
  5. If only we had a navy still,
    Aircraft carrier,
    In my day,
    Youth of today,
    Just wanted to be the first to mention all of these in this Falklands thread before anyone else got a chance.
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  6. FAIL! You forgot to mention the SLR, SAS or SBS!! (One never mentions the STC)
  7. We wouldnt need much of a Navy against the Argentina anyway, just park a Vanguard class off Buenos Aires and ask them politely to wind their necks in . :thumbright:
  8. Sledgehammer to crack a Walnut
  9. You don't have to park one there, just let them think one's there, same with a TLAM armed boat. That's the beauty of submarines :)
  10. I think Las Malvinas is the last thing on the mind of average Pedro in the street right now.
    Keeping his job, and putting food on the table is the priority in times of financial turmoil. He doesn't give a fcuk about Benny.
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  11. Sorry must try harder. But another we both forgot 'Thatcher'
  12. We cannot afford another war in the South Atlantic just now. Fortunately Argentina cannot afford to invade either!
  13. No chance, they don't want to take the risk, two of the big three are down there.

    The NAAFI

    The RAF Regiment

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  14. Don't forget BFBS.
  15. Shit, I was trying to think of a third! Bugger :)

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  16. Lol no your right . If I was PM I would have gotten rid of Trident and pretended we still had it, printed a trillion quid and paid off our national debt without telling the rest of the world and made smoke salmon and scrambled eggs compulsory for breakfast.

  17. Yuck!

    Damn this 10 character thingy.

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