Another 5000 Pongos for early axe


War Hero
Madness if true.

Politicians of all colours have a fixation with blooding their swords at the moment. Deploying troops at the drop of a hat.

Either fellow members of the EU/ NATO/ WEST stand up to the plate and deploy their assests without ridiculos caveats about operating after dark/anywhere dangerous/if bad people are shooting bangsticks at them etc or UK politicians stop deploying British forces as part of the Worlds police force because soon there will be more plastic cops in the UK than Soldiers.

There is no "peace dividend" going on at the moment. Look at the Arab spring and the hornets nest the west has achieved by poking its stick into Iraq and Afganistan.

I live close to Coldstream a right area of Farmers,WI,rich people but now it arises that the Coldstream Guards may be axed means Cameron will never be re-elected around the Border area,he came close last election just missing taking it from Alan Beith but that will be gone if this is true.
This coupled with the massive amount of Aid shelled out and the contributions to the EU for bailouts is a death knell for his chances.
I've never seen such fury in the pubs,shops etc they point out this the pride of the country and respected thru the world.
It seems since he got elected he's gone out of his way to get up the nose of the British people whilst doing his Gordon Broon goodwill world tour.
He will regret these cuts in the future.
The massive fraud in the MOD,Immigration and other government Offices would ensure no cuts anywhere if sorted,but it won't be.
Eton Tosser.

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