Another 42 Bites the Dust

Phew, that's one less war canoe from the mighty Argentinian armada to worry about as we try to defend the Falkland Islands from potential hostile intent - I shall sleep easier tonight
IIRC when the first T42, HMS Sheffield Mk I,was being built at B-in-Furness circa 1972 a nasty oxy-acetylene fire & explosion caused considerable damage at the quarterdeck area, killing two (?) of the builders.

At that time ARA Hercules (ARA Santisima Trinidad's older sister) was also under construction at Vickers.

I believe that, to avoid delaying HMS Sheffields launch by the Queen, a large chunk of ARA Hercules's steel work was removed to replace the badly damaged back end of Sheffield. So when Corporate flashed up ten years later the Shiny Sheff went off to war effectively wearing an Argentinian warship's arse end...

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