Another 3 Astutes

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by danny, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. I dont know if this has been posted before. But in tonights evening mail it said the govenment has freed up money for long leed time items for another 3 Astute class boats on top of the four already ordered.
    If true its nothing but good news
  2. Well, hurrah and huzzah, but until I see it on the MOD website, it will just be another rumour.
  3. And pigs might fly!
  4. No police helicopters in your area then, eh?

    I'll get my coat...
  5. Boom Boom!
  6. Probably worth asking what long lead items they are. It may not mean three more boats, just honouring commitments to buy seven of x bit of kit.

    Still, good if it does mean getting a more meaningful number of hulls.
  7. We may need that many, and more, if Putin continues down the getting punchy line!
    Submarine patrols will mean something again. Oh to be eighteen once more...sigh!!!!
    Anyway, a merry messy Christmas to all! IF it snows then I challenge you all to a huge snowball fight! Then drinks, mulled wine and beer, around at my gaff. Huge amounts of mince pies and wotnot naturally!!!!
  8. Here comes another one, and it's got BaE on it's arse...............
  9. Most of the helo's in this part of the world belong to the Special Forces guys nipping in and out of Stirling Lines and making straight for the Breacon Beacons or Abbey Dore. The Police angry palm tree stays well in sight of the roads and the Air Ambulance mooches in and around farmers fields.
    Santa always makes a point of getting his Subnote in very early in this part of the world. The Goverment don't want burning Chrimbo gizzits falling out of the sky onto the locals (ie ME).
  10. I think you'll find that there are are still only 3 boats actually on order, the fourth one only has "long lead" items under contract - mainly the reactor bits.
    The last BAE presentation I attended (before I retired), the "man from the Ministry" admitted they were "hundreds of millions" short of the money to place a firm order and were trying to screw all the small sub-contractors to get their prices down.
    My ex company certainly hasn't had a contract for it's equipment for 04 !
    We originally quoted for 6 boats when we first bid in 2000, we got a contract for 3. We have given prices for 3/4 more boats on several occasions since then, with no result - and all BAE do is complain that the price keeps going up - just what do they expect !!!
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    If the goverment were interested in keeping a potent submarine force then the orders would already be in place and we would be talking about is there a need for 7,8 and 9. In the last few years and in the next few, the S boat fleet will be sent to pasture, very quickly followed by the start of the T boat reduction. Its obvious that we are finished as a world power, roaming the seas, flying the flag, instead we appear to be a submissive state of the USA. How many states is the USA made up of?
  12. Well it has deffinatly been reported in the local press in barrow that the forth has been ordered. Some time ago. Im not saying your wrong but it was deffinatly a big thing around these parts.
  13. Not that I know much about boats, apart from hubbie on a V boat, how about they fix them instead after the last few months of rubbish they need fixing for real not just patching them up badly with a plaster!

    Saying goodbye 5 times in one week was hard, espically with a young child who was confused. This went on for ages.

    Although everyone said it hasnt been as bad as this before, I hope it gets better but as with most govenment things it will get much much worse before it gets better. Oh well just smile and get on with it :rendeer:

    As far as I am concered the more the better if they are working and sea worthy.

  14. its the armed forces we all get fucked around. Its the nature of the beast.
  15. Yes I know its the nature of the beast, but if they cant maintain the 4 V boats to a good standard?

    As I am sure you know the current boat out is on rations and done the longest ever patrol, all because the 2 other boats where (are) fcuked! And they seem to just stick a plaster on it so to speak rather then fix the problem as its too expensive and takes too long.

    So how they gonna afford to buy/maintain 7 A classes?

    Be interesting to see how many people off the current V boat out (not sure if I can name it so not going to) put their notice in when it comes back, rumor is the one just gone out has 70 people with there notice in and the other one has 30+ people with there notice in.

    But they arent bothered as newbies coming through, but they dont have the knowlodge or experience.
  16. All i can say is submariners on the bombers get it pritty easy really. Its a shit job. BUT compared to skimmers there lives are fairly stable. You can plan your life on a bomber. On a 23 you strugle to plan the next week.
    70 people with there notice in? SOunds like most ships then :)
  17. LOL I am not gonna start a ships Vs boats thing, as you are all part of the same team. :whew:

    My hubbie joined V boats so he could plan, you cant as they are all fcuked, trust me you cant plan at the moment due to the state of them. We dont even know what is happening at christmas yet (going to sea, not going, duties if not at sea etc)

    Although I have been told its only been like this since the summer. I expect it to get worse before it gets better such is the MOD and gov

    Ships cant be that bad a skimmer of 8 years just transfered to boats and lasted 3 weeks before putting his notice in! and 70 people with notice in thats out of about 150.

    Also think of the training needed to go on a boat, you cant replace people as easy or cheaply.

    And with anything if the experienced people are leaving, if doesnt matter how many newbies you have, standards and safety (more important on a boat) will drop.

    I hope it gets back to the stable and planing way it was so we can plan more then a day in advance! :thumright: until then just smile and get on with it, its the Navy its not logical and at the end of the day the sailors and there families are last in line thats just how it is with most companys now anyway.

    All the best

  18. Whilst i cant comment on the state of manpower on V boats, I know for a fact that a squadron led investigation was held as the S boat that has just come back from sea had 15 people with their notice in.

    I think therefore its safe to say that the numbers you have quoted are slightly inaccurate.

    TBH if people on the V boats have their notice in because they are expected to do sea time then good riddance!!!

    I know a lot of guys(myself included) that have been away for 71/2 months this year, I would love to do 3 months at sea, have 6 months off and start again.

    The result of the investigation was that 90% if the guys had put their notice in because they had recently got married/become fathers for the first time, they didnt state the amount of time away was an issue!!
  19. Not really ! Anyone can post on Wikipedia - Des Browne for example.

    One news cutting you quote actually says "£200M first leg", NOT the whole boat, which would be about £1B. The other refers to "long lead items" - and doesn't actually say that anything has been ordered - just "clearance" given. "Clearance" in MoDspeak means absolutely zilch.

    There are still only 3 boats on firm contract, I'm afraid.

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