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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by garyM, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. A no holds barred Diamond Lil's is necessary in order for RR not to become complacent.
    Short of breaking the law-- anything should go.
    Demanding money with menaces
    None of these;but calling the RN hierarchy inefficient or worse Drawing attention to the fact that our Defence Ministers do not have one hour of military service between them and they are inept. That the navy is currently grotesquely overburdened with Warrant Officers and Lt Cmds and above.
    All this would be grist to the mill and make for interesting and entertaining reading?
    Suitable title?
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Gary, why not call it "Diamond Lil's" that's exactly what Lil's is for, have a read of Doorman's Rules see if it fits the bill!
  3. But it's becoming increasingly somnambulent - making. Little or no cut-and-thrust debate . Little or nil provocation. Few or-no hairs standing up on ones neck.
    Singularly moribund I would say.
    MOD's permitting Let's liven it up.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    GaryM: Are you part of the problem or the solution? If you want to make it more interesting, then start posting accordingly... :roll:
  5. But from what I have seen previously anything contentious gets wiped. If you MODS are as ambivalent as you pretend to be then anything short of the law should be permitted. That is not so and has not been so for the past 6 months I have been looking.
    You have removed items I thought provocative and interesting for reasons best known to yourselves.
    There perhaps hangs the problem.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    GaryM: You quote me then say " MODS..." as if I am part of the problem? I am no a Mod, nor would I want to.

    Have you highlighted your concerns with any of the Mods concerned, or notified Good_CO of it? Or perhaps you can be 'the enemy within' and volunteer to become a Mod yourself? Then again maybe you just want to sit in the corner and drip about it instead, without coming up with a solution!

    To be honest, this topic has been discussed to death in the past, and I am surprised that someone who only joined RR 10 days ago (after lurking for 6 months) can really be that bothered about Mod edits... :?
  7. If it has been discussed to the death in the past why on earth has it not been acted upon. . It's true I've been "lurking" A pejorative term, for half a year but things have not improved. If you know the answers then. pray, let us have them.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    No, not playing now... :cry:
  9. Touche.
    Parry and thrust
  10. Sadly didn't see those but they are no longer featured. These are the sort of articles it seems to me there should be more of . Were there answers to any of the questions posed. That would make interesting reading.
  11. Note to self avoid responding to sock puppetry
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Get stuck in fella. Stand your ground & be prepared to receive as much as you give, without getting upset & announcing in a melodramatic flounce "I'm Leaving".

    If you resort to the latter, I'll bid ye "farethewell" now.

    Otherwise I look forward to a verbal joust (assuming I do not whole-heartedly agree with you)
  13. As Higs is no longer with us, he has gone to a better place, well warmer anyhoo with little imps thrusting toasting forks into his nether regions, Norman don't you owe us some pictures of your niece/daughter in law some other female member of your family.
  14. I am starting to miss higs now!

    As for Gary - stop dripping and make a decent post, this issue has been address time and time again and been done to death. Now shut up and move on before I ram my foot up your arse :rambo:

    Is that 'free' enough for you?
  15. With eighteen days to go, I do not think you could lift your foot to ram it anywhere :) without falling on your own arse

    Jack McH
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Cat, NZB and Karma, I get your drift, well NZB is spelling it out!

    garyM wrote
    I was suspicious but for those who haven't twigged, eighteen posts before the old record goes on the RR turntable...hello..........? N-O-R-M........
  17. All Modes

    God! NZB I had forgotten about the beautiful legal exec who has 6 GCSE O levels Grade C. We still await her piccie and I feel we will wait a'while yet. Bring her on.

  18. pinched the neighbour's prost. leg!
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    norman730 wrote
    Not nearly as overburdened as RumratioN is with your alternative IDs, uninformed opinion on Service matters and misplaced grammar and spelling lessons.
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Ok...I give in...what does "anodyne" mean?

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