annual rr met/ piss up????????

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by brazenhussy, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Is anyone interested in doing an annual meet?
    I am happy to act as co-ordinator and sort a venue-
    maybe a lunch type meal then drinks and whatever?

    let me know by pm any ideas...................
  2. What city are you planning on doing it in ?
  3. thats my point-- ideas of a location, etc and dates go from there.........
  4. Even though I'm not a Pompey rating it would probably be the best location....although some of the PFKs might want to go elsewhere to get off the leash!
  5. I'm up for it, anytime after Aug, am a bit busy at the mo! Pompey is pretty central!
  6. would need to sort out mass logdings no doubt,,cheaper by the dozen,,lol
  7. I am happy to look into "mass bookings"- would either be home club or Ibis- as both do block booking discounts - but if we can arrange a big meet and it is a SUCCESS then we could do an annual thing??

    Like i said keep posting and then we can go from there..............................
  8. Pompey is good for me, and if we go there in mass lodgings can be booked in the halls of residents for about £20 and even less if ten or more.

    Just out of intrest anyone in Plymouth the last weekend in March? I'm down there on an open weekend at the uni

    Also I'm in pompey on a course for the two middle weekends of April, if anyone fancies drinky poos
  9. Pompey would suit me, so long as I can get there (oh yes, and back again) by train... Best time would be September, though mid-late August is a possibility.
  10. seriously need to look at this guys n guyess- august would be good then?????
    pompey ????????
  11. i'll b here - if u want to meet
  12. Great idea brazen - how about somewhere not quite so naval though?
  13. Colchester? :shock: :eek:
  14. isle of wight?????????? day at the sea side????????
  15. Lossiemouth, warm belt, nice beaches............
  16. Last time I stayed in the home club,I had to sleep with my shoes under my pillow.
    Has it gone up market ?
  17. How about Victoria Services Club, Marble Arch?

    Union Jack Club?
  18. How about Manchester, joking.

    Somewhere central in the UK, say Birmingham ??
  19. Brum - u mean i have to venture north of portsdown hill????????????
    ohhhhhhhhhhh scarey!!!!! foreign territory!!!!!!!!!
  20. Hey its not that bad, you will have to try and look like you can blend in, flat caps etc :grin:

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