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Annual Pay Awards

I've just received my statement outlining my Pay Award. The headline figure for our pay award (the one the press were told we'd been awarded)was 6.5%. Unfortunately as many staff are at the top of their pay band this amounted to considerable less. I have just learned that I will receive an additional £243 (Gross!!!) for the entire year - that an extra £20.25 extra a month BEFORE income tax and NI... and they wonder why they have problems retaining staff!

It barely covers the increased cost of my annual rail season ticket!

To be fair, it's higher than I received last year!!! But I suppose they've got to pay the consultants fees somehow. The irony is that they can afford daily fees of £6000 for several months to private consultants but cannot afford to pay some 40% of their staff more than a few hundred extra a year!

:roll: :roll: :roll:
Am I being a complete doughnut? I can't find MOD civil Service pay structure anywhere on the internet or MOD intranet let alone your pay rise! The Armed Forces pay scales are published (except of course this years pay rise which has yet to be announced!!!!) everywhere and yet Civil Service seems to be a secret :???:
I work for Parliament not the Civil Service. Civil Service pay awards are not published because they are all negotiated locally. Thus Guy Bloogs in the Department of Burks in SE London can be on a different level of remuneration for the same work to Joseph Bloogs in Gloucestershire (or even N London!).
Are you aware of this very recent report into Police Pay which is making recommendations to effect Armed Services pay.

Details of most recommendations below:

3. The new index should cover the following ten pay groups: armed forces, doctors and dentists, nurses and other health professionals, prison service (England and Wales), school teachers (England and Wales), all three principal groups covered by the Senior Salaries Review Body (i.e. judges, senior military and senior civil servants), civil servants employed in the DWP, MoD, Home Office and HM Revenue and Customs.

4. The new index should use, for each pay group, the percentage increase over one year in the basic pay settlement figure as defined in Appendix 2.

5. For groups covered by Review Bodies, the basic pay settlement figure should be calculated from the Review Body award, before any staging or other modification. If staging or modification is applied by government to the police officer settlement it should happen at the end of the process.

6. The index should be calculated from the unweighted median of the percentage annual increase in the basic pay settlement figure for each of the ten pay groups.

7. The relevant settlement figure for each group included in the index should be the most recent announced annual settlement as at 31 May 2007.

8. The task of calculating the index, though simple, should be undertaken by an independent expert organisation.

Isn't it strange how the tossers, sorry MPs who decide this crap, aren't governed by the same proposed settlement!
Having recently been informed that my pension will rise by 3.6%, following 2.7% in 2006, and similar figures in the years since my retirement, I think that anyone getting more than that should consider themselves to be fortunate. We (pensioners) have been promised linkage to average wage rises by 2012, by which time, if I'm still here, my comparitive income will have shrunk by more than a third since I retired in 1995.

Given that, I still count myself to be lucky compared to the poor sods who have lost their pension altogether due to the sleight of hand of the current occupant of No 11. I note that MPs and senior Civil servants have made f*****g sure that THEY won't be going short in their declining years.

Come the revolution!!!!!!!


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