Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by X.R.D., Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. I don't care if you lot do take the p1ss about this but me and WreckerL are lovers. We were discussing this last night and we believe that we should let everyone on rumration know that we are both gay. If you have a problem then that's YOUR issue not ours. Plus it's allowed in the forces now

  2. Allowed in the forces? I thought it was compulsory. 8O
  3. Nah not the forces just the marines
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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  5. Is WreckerL happy about being Outed?
  6. I'm not sure I think I know who I think he is. :(
  7. He is happy. It was his idea. We are both sick of hiding our love and those who dislike gays are just bigots anyway.
  8. Well spotted SPB, now I wonder who would do that and start the homophobic rants against me on every thread, whoever he is must be as hard as NAILs. Guess I must have touched a nerve somewhere :lol:
  9. Hey there sweetie pie. How's my big cuddly sailor boy. U ready forme marine action tonight sailor boy? I know where I wanna park my big long submarine ... right in your brown harbour WreckerL. Love u sweetie xx
  10. Let me be the first to congratulate the happy couple. I always knew that Wrecker dipped for dung and dropped anchor in pooh bay but it's great to see that he's actually met another dirty bummer with whom he can settle down with instead of leading the promiscuous knob swabbling lifestyle that he has led for the last 20 years. No more for him the sucking of 20 dirty random schlongs an evening (resulting in a 'beer belly like' spunk belly), no more for him spending the evening with his tattered hoop as the sperm depositry for the local YMCA. I actually have a tear in my eye as I envisage Wrecker and XRD cuddling up together each evening on the settee with a nice cup of cocoa and watching endless reruns of Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives before going to bed together and violently bumming the arse off each other and using each other as a toilet. Best wishes for the future guys ......oh and if you have a civil ceremony, can I be the best man please? XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  11. Looks like it's more than a nerve he wants you to touch.
  12. Thanks sweetie pie. I'm so happy with my big cuddly sailor boy. I love him soooooo much he he
  13. You've got the wrong XRD RJ but thanks for the kind thoughts (shove yer uckers board up your well fcuked farter)

  14. That's fukking charming that is Wrecker! There I was genuinely moved to tears by the tender image of you and X.R.D. (Nails) pissing and shitting on each other after indulging each other in a sperm banquet and all I get is fukking dogs abuse! Well you are cordially invited to lick my fukking diseased and thrutching knotted ballon! And I can assure you, I WILL NOT be attending the wedding.....pair of kunts!
  15. That's more like it, your throw RJ and I won't timber shift any mixy blobs in full appreciation :D
  16. What has Nails got to do with this? He shouldn't be part of our love. He's just a fantasy we use in our role play bum fests where we sniff poppers and give each other a good ol rimming.

    X.R.D 4 WreckerL 4 Eva 2 Geva!!! XXXX
  17. Go on Wrecker! throat gag the stupid fukking slut! ONCEAAHH, TWICEAAH...!
  18. PSML :D :D
  19. It's PMSL not PSML you silly billy willy. Love u xxxx
  20. If you guys wanna be gay then cool. Be benders. I can understand why X.R.D is gay. Seen as though all the women in his family are filthy slags of the lowest calibre he has probably been put off women. WreckerL has no excuse for loving cock though.

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