Anniversary of Sheff sinking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by angry_mac, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Ever since the Shiny Sheff was lost taking 20 matelots with her,there has always been controversial buzzes, i.e. Scot was transmitting, so the EW was blanked out, PWO was in the w/room and not at his def watch. There has always been this need by the media as in any tradegy to apportion blame. The PWO concerned held his hands up, lives lost must weigh heavily on his mind every day. Yet it was war, mistakes happened, this being the first and only naval war since '45 how can any one person be culpable. And all this time the guys' views that count, i.e. sheff's crew have got on quietly without spilling anything to the rapacious media. Unlike today eh!
    Just watched ITN's coverage of this anniversary , and was disappointed by such a small segment that would have left the uneducated thinking that yet again the navy facked up.
    Im sure our thoughts are with the guys who made it off the shiny sheff and with the families and friends of those who didnt.
    I believe it certainly deserves more than 5 mins sandwhiched between some bent vicar and Alan Balls funeral.
  2. it really is quite disgusting that the loss of a Warship is reduced to nothing more than "filler" news, but have things really changed much since Kipling published Tommy?
  3. We just have to get used to the fact that the Armed Forces are only important to the UK when the press thinks so. Joe Public rarely berates the press when they're in "Muckrake" mode and the polly's only care when they can get some good press themselves.

    Echo your sentiments on Sheffield 100%.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sad to say that we are witnessing the same indifference that WWII veterans were subjected to when I was growing up.

    I'm personally saddened that the anniversary is not given a higher profile, but then, despite still serving, I'm now one of the "silly old so & so's" that I probably treated likewise.
  5. Hi The anniversary of HMS Sheffield Sinking will actually be on 10 MAy 2007, when she sank under tow taking with her the 19 bodies not recovered.

    The ship was actually hit by the exocet missile on Sunday 4th May 1982.

    They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old,
    Age shall not weary them or the years condemn
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them

  6. "The ship was actually hit by the exocet missile on Sunday 4th May 1982."

    To be a bit more accurate I believe 4th May 82 was a Tuesday. I only say that because 2nd May 82 (Conqueror vs Belgrano) was on a Sunday. Nonetheless the anniversary of the Sheffield's sinking will merely be "news filler" for the media, unlike for the survivors and the families of those who lost their lives, for whom it will somewhat different.
  7. NotaFourKnot,

    I have to apologise you're only right.

    I served on the Herald down South and I'd convinced myself that I heard the news on the World Service on Monday Morning after the duty chef woke me (tea 1 sugar) to get the SRE up and running.

    I was living in the SRE Compt as the Chefs and Stewards mess was taken over as a casualty area.

    We only had info from World Service and I was gobsmacked to say the least to hear the announcement whilst half asleep, I checked with on watch RO next door and he had not heard it.

    Suffice to say buzz spread round the ship like wildfire and I had my biggest audience for a "breakfast show", whilst we waited for news at 08:00

  8. My boy is down there on the Edinburgh and he rang last nite to say they will be paying there respects to the brave lads who lost there lives down there today with a wreath laying ceremony.
  9. I still remember the shock that we felt in HMS Cochrane when we heard the news, the Lion bar emptied in a flash as people went back to their messes to watch the evening news

    RIP shipmates
    'Lest we forget'
  10. She was built here, my grandad worked on her in vickers. Its strange before he lost his marbles he used to talk about it a lot. I think he partley blamed himself for what happened in a strange way as he also worked on some of the ships the argentinians bought from vickers.
  11. I remember watching the coverage here in the states of the tragedy. The US had four ships under construction with the same aluminum superstructure as the Sheffield. Construction was halted and the ships were retrofitted with steel. The tragic deaths aboard Sheffield probably saved many lives somewhere in the future by pointing out that aluminum burns too easily for major use in a warship. RIP brothers.
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The T42 certainly did (and does) not have a superstructure made of aluminum nor does it have one made of aluminium - its steel through and through. There are a number of internet sources for this, see aluminium superstructure debunked and aluminium superstructure debunked yet again.
  13. Flag you are correct and I stand corrected. The accounts I just read say that the confusion was caused by the sinking and aluminum fires aboard the Ardent and Antelope in the late 1970's. The US press was reporting Sheffield also had the aluminum superstructure. Great military geniuses that they are.

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