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Anna Nicole Smith's mum battles for body!


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It's known that Anna Nicole Smith hasn't had the best publicity ever but give the poor woman a break!

TRAGIC Anna Nicole Smith’s mum last night angrily accused the former model’s lover of making “a million bucks†from her death.

Virgie Arthur, who is battling Howard K Stern for Anna Nicole’s body, said he had sold TV rights to her funeral.

Her claims came in the court battle over the model’s body — which is now decomposing so quickly plans for an open casket at her funeral are in doubt.

Arthur insists Anna Nicole and her son Daniel, 20, who died last September in the Bahamas, should be buried together in the US.

Pointing at Stern across a Florida courtroom, she said: “I have not profited from the death of Daniel and Anna Nicole — but he has.

“He sold video of her death. That’s why he wants her body.â€

She was believed to be referring to the rights for coverage of the funeral of Anna Nicole, 39, who died in Florida earlier this month.

Arthur added: “I heard that ET (US show Entertainment Tonight) is buying her death funeral . . . for a million bucks. He’s the one who’s getting the money — I’m not.â€

She wants to exhume Daniel from the Bahamas and rebury his body in Texas with Anna Nicole.

Stern wants Anna Nicole to be buried in the Bahamas. The judge will rule on the case by tomorrow.

I didn't take long:


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