Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by shellbelles71, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. Failed kit muster apparently good at everything else discharge or back classed? Don't understand? I want to actually kill him (my son!) please someone advise?!
  2. Nothing you can do apart from smack him in the face with the iron and hope he gets backclassed.

    Edited to add Chico is the onsite SME for this subject.
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  3. Trust me, you don't know how angry I am. He will be safer where he is rather than come home!!!
  4. First failure?

    Be grateful the little sod has enough respect for you to actually communicate honestly.
  5. Discharged! Will kill him!
  6. ---bump---
  7. Haha. Another mong bites the dust.
  8. Glad you suit your name
  9. Don't get mad get even, sneak into his accomodation overnight and shit in his sailors hat.
    That'll learn him for being a crabby slack arse mong.
  10. More details needed i think.
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  11. Mum's an EX POGI by the sound of it.
  12. How about you take your head for a shit! 19 year old that actually wants to do something with his life and ******* like you have the audacity to judge!! Cheers easy
  13. It's never too late to abort the retard. Although not strictly necessary now that he's fled your gopping womb I've got a dyson and a coat-hangar to hand.
  14. Flash to bang in seconds, my type of girl.
  15. It's difficult to speak without all the information. But normally they will be given more than one attempt at a kit muster. Some of the young darlings are not ready to leave the family home and look after themselves and Raleigh will prove this. We do not train people out of the Navy, we try to help them get through each part of the training. However, sometimes we have to let them go for a while, they will normally be allowed to retry Raleigh after a period of time.

    Anyway hopefully it won't come to that if he knuckles down and gets it cracked next time

    Kind regards

  16. SM,

    Thank you. Is re-applying. Lesson learnt I hope.
  17. Your type of girl?! Page 3 the nearest you will ever get without having to pay for it!
  18. Cheers easy? He was conceived in Jo's bogs wasn't he?
  19. SB71,

    Calm down - I get the drift that you have served but seem to have forgotten all about the banter.

    At his age he will probably have waited a fair time for his place at RALEIGH and I'm sure the 'Team Spirit' will have his classmates Raleighing round (sorry - Couldn't resist that pun...) to sort his kit out next time.

    As SM says, he'll get every encouragement from the staff, too.

    It's always tough when the fledgling leaves the nest and seems to flounder at the first spread of the wings but I don't think it'll be long before you are at his passing out, glowing with pride.

    Time enough to worry is when he is away at sea and his pregnant girl friend(s) turn up at your doorstep with parents in tow. :wink:

    Edited - Put the above in the context for his next attempt, I've only just hoisted in that he was Discharged.

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  20. Nuff said. He got the boot because he had several attempts and still didn't pull his finger out. If he really wanted to do something with his life he would have made the effort and not failed. And you come on here telling us we have the audacity to judge? Excuuuuuse me! :)

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