Angles and Dangles

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. You know they should be allowed to drink at sea....Lol (USN=Dry as a chickens fart) [​IMG]

    Cause the drugs are wearing off....Lol :hockey:
  2. What the Septics don't realize is that they are going down stern first.
  3. :evil4:
  4. More from the USN:
  5. Deleted on advice from my lawer.....................suffice to say......Mozart has composed a new opera.......a follow on from 'Cosi Fan Tutti' he's calling this one 'Shitty Fan Hitty'! :pukel:
  6. I remember on HMS/M Blackcat in the early eighties we were doing fifty five knots and keeping one thousand metres in the full power state.

    The XO orders a course and depth change using one degree of starboard rudder and one degree of up on the afterplanes. The planesman got it wrong and used too much rudder and afterplanes and we actually did a barrel roll before broaching clear of the water splashing back in and plunging to two thousand metres before the bow responded to full astern and opposite rudder and we raised all masts to act as a speed brake.
    We manged to come shallow again in time for tea and stickies and we were going to have a barbi on the after casing later on the roof but there was no after casing to speak of.
    It had been ripped off and was trailing behind us held only by the after bullring and several berthing ropes which trailed astern of us like tripes.

    If the boats ballast tanks hadn't filled with air when we broached clear of the water I'm pretty sure we'd have been gonners! Right what else.......yeah an' when we got back alongside later that night, berthing outboard of Sovereign, we attempted to speed trip the TG's. Only the dowty indicator, which was indicating clutched out, was lying like a hairy egg and was still clutched in. So instead of speed tripping the TG's we wound on 58 revs and nearly managed to take the sea wall, along with Sovereign, through the arse end of Jupiter hiding up in frigate alley.

    As we were going to be sailing again the next morning for ANOTHER seven month sneaky it was all hushed up and we were given survivors leave for the night. As long as we went ashore in pirate rig with a parrot on each shoulder singing yo ho ho and heave ho o'matey with a round turn and two half hitches.

    Black Cat that bastard then............................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rambo:
  7. Now that made me laugh!!! Being a skimmer I don't understand most of it but none the less, I'm pissing myself!!
  8. Deleted
  10. Should the Plansmen clobber an underwater mountain:-


    [For the "chubbier" subbiemariner - The XXXL Rubber bag MK XVIII]


    [For "Mister Six-Pack - The Nut-Sack Hugger Variant]


    [And for all the remaining mis-shapen Sundodgers, with very short legs - The Taiwan Special]

  11. TA ! most amusing . Banging in the boat. :dwarf:
  12. That may be so but when I was on HMS/M Superblackcat!!!!! :dwarf:
  13. Was that the HMS/M Bagheera??

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