Angelina Jolie

Yes a sad day ... and seeing it is CA I will refrain from posting pictures! However I totally agree re the sentiments and hats off indeed ... not only for announcing it to the world ... but for also having it done in the first place! Not an easy decision me thinks.
I was talking to one of the Butlers in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi a couple of years ago, he had worked at the Burg in Dubai and had looked after Angelina during one of her stays there, he told me what a lovely woman she is in all respects and yes it's a brave decision for any woman to make.
Very brave. I hope it works out and she lives a good life. I have heard the decision is really difficult as it sadly makes women feel less womanly. The news said she had an 83% chance of contracting cancer. Hard choice but possibly the right one.

Eat shit cancer.


Lantern Swinger
I'm so glad she came out about this, if it makes more women get checked and go through with surgery like this then good.

I was reading that she still has 60% chance of ovarian cancer. Just shows it doesn't matter who you are everyone is at risk.

I hope her and all the other thousands of woman who go through this all the best in the world.
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