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Andym's Web site

Looks like you fell at the last hurdle!You'll be back.Flight Sim is real boring!Mind you they have brought out MS Ship Simulator!!!
Rosie, I'd have thought only someone who's used to regularly donning gaiters would want to wear these, with all those buckles... 8O

It has come to my notice that our Andy does NOT like being called "Trains" so under no circumstances is he to be called "Trains" have you all got that? do not address him as "Trains" His name is Andy NOT "Trains"
I can't really see what the problem is Hig. I mean Andy underwent TRAIN-ING at Raleigh. He is thus a TRAIN-ED rating, what's so very different about proudly celebrating one's status by being called TRAIN-S? :?
BootneckYank said:
jesse650 said:
anyway MS ship Simulator?......What?

The ship simulator sounds like fun. I could get drunk and pretend I'm Capt. Joseph Hazelwood of the infamous Exxon Valdez.

If it's really good you could simulate being an obstetrious, above yerself Padre, strutting about deck telling off officers and ratings alike and demanding they all kneel before you and suck your bootlaces, or you'll make false allegations against them and demand (and receive) £50K compensation - with the simulated DVD porn and gay orgy scenes, and the bit where he breaks down and sobs cause his missing home. We could call it PORNOPADRE SIMULATOR (ADD-ON). :lol:

Andy, do they do a boats version where Rosie and me can practice sinking Spanish fishing vessels owned by Factortame?

If they did a 3D-G-Spot Simulator I'd be particularly interested! You know, the sort where you feel as if you are actually there. Would I cope (for more than five minutes), could I handle being shouted at by someone smaller than me (a POGI). How many hours before I burst into tears? How many days before I did a bunk, never to return to the Simulated G-Spot? :lol:
If you mention the Fetish that you have for the G -Spot again, i will crawl through cyberspace, rip your head off and ram it up your arse, you never went there, will never go there, so stop believing ALL the bullshit that youve read.

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