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Andym's Web site

If you ever visit Odense (Denmark) visit their Railway Museum - I went on a visit with the Danish Luftmeldekorps (sister organisation modelled on our ROC) about 15 years ago. It was a really interesting day out... and there was lots of beer too...


Here is an example of a Diesel loco used from 1932.


And for the older ones amongst you...


And just for any ex RN Cooks...

Greenie said:
Nice Piccies UA ---------------drool drool----!!

Who owns the LOCO is it a Railway museum one?????

Swanage Railway

I'm told by my Grandson that we have to visit this line on a regular basis.

If you are in Dorset its well worth a visit, during the summer they run regular services from a large car park in the village of Norton into Swanage. You end up just a few minutes from the beach, its hoped in time that the line will be upgraded again, to passenger quality. right through to Wareham.
rosinacarley said:
It doesn't do that any more - they go eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy oooooooorrrrrr!

You sure?!!! Strange kind of trains they have down your way RC!!

I am reliably informed by a two year old that 'eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy oooooooorrrrrr' is actually the noise that a donkey
makes!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Isnt it amazing how many Closet Spotters drop into the lime light!

Yes Janner,its a screenshot of some Craven DMU's entering Lincoln.Its Microsoft Train Simulator with the East Mid UK addon from ,yours for the princly sum of £4.50!

Rosy,i have no idea if its from that class of train,i bow to your superior knowledge,you must be a Master Spotter!
Greenie said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
Well the number reads 4365 and the name is ??? Ashton Hall. So it must be a Walt Train!!! 8O

Just for you lot--- and my interest in Steam trains :lol: :lol:

Its one of the 'Manor or Hall Class Loco's 4-6-0 with lightweight axles they were used on lines with weak track or elderly viaducts or bridges. The class is a very popular one for restoration and restorers change Loco names at will!! They were mainly used on the Great Western Railway.

Ok I have cracked the identity of the Loco that shouldn't be, It is definitely a Hall not a Manor, but, the second part of your statement has the answer, the identity was swapped by BR in 1962 and this loco (allegedly scrapped in 1962 was operated as Albert Hall, taken into preservation and, bugger this, :? the stories all here in these links

Gods Wonderful Railway :oops:

Right I'm going to pack some butties fill my flask and p1ss off down to Edge Lane and watch the choo choos, i might even ask my carer if I can carry my anorak over my arm coz its a nice day. EH EH EHH
OMG Andy is going to do more than pee himself this time!

BY - really you should be more thoughtful to a man in his condition, what if he keels over with the excitement!
rosinacarley said:
OMG Andy is going to do more than pee himself this time!

BY - really you should be more thoughtful to a man in his condition, what if he keels over with the excitement!

I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.

I must admit, that the image of Andy, sitting catatonic in front of his pc, with a small trickle of drool running out of the corner of his mouth, and the lonely sound of a locomotive whistle echoing through the house, is indeed a disturbing one.

What have I done.
I am afraid that our Cousins from over the pond have really quite ugly locomotives.Im not in the least titilated by them.Now if it were the Mallard,or One of the Battle Class.......................................
(bugger!!!! just drooled on the keyboard!)

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