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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Andy_Cap, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. First of all Many thanks for all the good wishes ( special thanks for the big hug Ma'am ). I did not have time to answer before going to hospital as the " normal surgery " decided to mutate to " emergency surgery " on Monday evening.

    Operation went quite well and i am now at home feeling much better.

    Thanks again for all the good wishes.
  2. Take 2 x Bruffen 3 x a day for the next week.
    and come back if the itch is still there
  3. Thanks mate :D
  4. Glad it went well mate :D
  5. Glad it went OK.

    The operation's not on youtube by any chance, not for me you understand, in the interest of medical science.
  6. I wanted to post on youtube but they censored it :D . Understandable realy

    not a nice sight my big gut getting cut :oops:
  7. Thanks a lot everyone
  8. welcome back Andy and get well soon.

    edited due to special moment.
  9. Glad you is on the mend fella.
  10. Be careful on the laughing.....

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