"Andy Gray Sacked: Sky Sports Presenter Loses Job After Sexist Remarks"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. No offence but I don't give a shit as there are much more important things going on.
  2. And so he should the sexist bastard.
  3. Knowing that Finks 'lives & breathes politics' I can well understand his reaction of disinterest but Sol did ask the question, so:

    A. PC knee-jerking, Sky were OTT. Gray had apologised to that person and his apology had been accepted, but it transpires that he had 'form' for expressing some similar, non-kosher, views so he was probably on an unspecified/unspoken/unissued Public Warning for his 'attitude' anyway.

    IMO This story is of interest to those who: follow soccer/are locked into Murdoch's Sky Sports cash-cow and also to Woman's Lib. Beyond that, too much hype - Gash Barge?
  4. Why should it? It's current affairs. And no less interesting than the usual daily wail shite plastered around. Just because it doesn't interest you doesn't mean it won't others. Besides, gray is a cock and should have been sacked ages ago for not knowing what the **** he's talking about and having his head roved up the big fours arses.

    Also, there is no place for prehistoric "banter" when it's hard enough getting females into football as it is. Well done sky.
  5. For 'professional' broadcasters to not realise that when rigged up with microphones that they could be live is bad enough, but to state that because she was a woman the Official wouldn't know how to interpret the Offside rule, surely shows contempt for women in Football but also the FA and Referees Association which would have accredited the Official and have ensured that before she even officiated a Sunday morning pub league game that she understood the most contentious rule in Football.
    So deservedly sacked IMO.
    Sky concerned about wimmins rights? Page 3, need I say more?
    BSKYB are in negotiations with the UK Gubbmint to have total control switched to Media Corps are they not? That might have more to do with it than Rupert feeling incensed with boorish behaviour by talking heads.:slow:
  6. It was Barney Francis, skysports MD who pulled the trigger.
  7. Hmm, but who loaded the Mess Webley?
    Mr Murdoch exits stage left methinks
  8. An arrogant sexist getting his just rewards....broadcasting and football can well do without him and his like.
  9. More politically correct bollocks.....
  10. Am happy Andy gray is going the horrible FRISP. I think its out of order Andy Burton getting suspended, Alls he said is the woman lines man is a bit of a looker. Can't some people handle sarcasm or does he have sh1t in his eyes and he was being serious.
  11. Hardly. He has previous. The latest gob off is just the straw that broke the proverbial. His previous misdemeanour was to ask a female colleague to stuff a microphone in his Kecks. No place for it in any workplace.
  12. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    If it wasn't for this then he should have been sacked anyway for looking like a potato.

    With regards the female linesman, blazing a trail in the face of such sexism really takes balls, good on yer lass!
  13. Indeed.:-D
  14. What fascinates me is that people seem to expect an ex-footballer to behave any differently. The man is an oaf
  15. Watch this space I think.

    On the 18th Jan 'Gray the Cock' took legal action, I believe, against the News of the Screws. One could easily take the conspiracy route here. Sky said they would not investigate who is leaking all this crap and even more is coming as I write (I am 8 hours ahead of most of you).

    Sky is Murdoch's baby, he's lost his No 10 'Mole', Coulson, and he has got the hump. Andy Gray is suing him blah blah blah

    I don't know why I posted 'cos I can't stand the cnut, Keys is going today I expect as he's dropped another bollock I believe.

    I'm off to Diamond Lil's with all the other 'sexists'. You know who you are.
  16. I think they should have replaced him years ago for a bird with big norks!!! :)
  17. Concur. Spot on MLP
  18. Found this.......


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