And what?

A "certain submarine" was visiting Barry oh so long ago, and the former Miss UK, Helen Morgan was visiting, along with some people from a local radio station. She was posing for a photograph session on the casing, when suddenly, the Outside Wrecker appeared from under the deck-plates, having done a casing crawl. Now our Helen was somewhat surprised by the sudden appearance of this manky individual, but the local radio chappie, seeing an opportunity, poked his microphone into the mans face and said:-
"Well here we are on the HMS ****** with Helen Morgan, who will be representing the UK in the Miss World there anything you would like to say to her....?"
The Wrecker took just a millisecond to compose his thoughts and said (live on local radio):-
"Well, Miss Morgan - I think your essence and I'd like to rip all your laggin' off, turn you over, and trunk your arse!"

This dit is "probably" true. You just can't make this kind of stuff up! :boogie: