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  • Advance notice that the site is going to go offline in the early hours of the morning of 30 Nov 23 whilst we move to a different server.

    Further information and discussion in this thread

And we're back on! Thank f**k for that

To everyone who has been missing their daily fix - our most sincere apologies

We have absolutely no idea what happened to Rum Ration yesterday at approx 1340hrs but it killed our Apache webserver. Ever since BCO, myself and our hosts Merula have been trying to get the site back online. In the end we sacked the existing server and moved everthing over to a new one. Needless to say this was not a trivial task and BCO and myself have been at it for at least 12 hours today ....... (yes I know where to find sympathy ....)

A slight warning is that there is likely to be more disruption in the days ahead. This is because:

1. The current apache server is not up to the previous one in terms of horsepower. Needless to say we'll be trying to move back at some point.

2. The current server is still 'missing' things that we had on the other one. The only problem is that we may not be aware of what they are until someone points them out to us!

Thanks for your continued patience - hopefully any future outages will not be for anywhere near the same duration.
Yes I just got back from the pub and came on to do the usual checks (email etc) and found the sites dead - the server was not running, but I can't work out why. Hopefully our shiny new one which is being installed as we speak will improve reliability, but 'puters are 'puters and they always go tits up form time to time, no matter how shiny.
And again today. Sorry. I've now found the problem so we shouldn't have the same problem again. It'll be a different one next time!
Have not been able to access RR,RP or Arrse since 20:50pm until now! (Cypriot time) or put it easy, 1 hour :wink:

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