And we think we have problems with Walts!



Not sure if anyone else has seen this, hubby spent all of yesterday at work and several hours last night reading this!

If we think we have problems with Walts on here how do you think the MODs of this site feel! They have had so many visitors the site has crashed several times - yeah I know posting on RR for all us bored matelots to read will not help them out!

Bear with the first couple of pages of this as it gets v good, some great detective work from the board members and MODs. This has now been viewed around the world and doesn't appear to be stopping although the regular site members are now asking for the thread to be locked (well it is at 64 pages!)

Be warned only start reading if you have plenty of time!


Lantern Swinger
PS - having read through most of the posts/pages (64!!!) I think I know this "Imi" character from other car club forums (GT4 & Supra) - if it is (as I suspect) the same guy then he's a real dodgey bugger !!


I thought so as well and I only read about half of the pages. It might actually be good for this to go round the fleet as I know we've all bought some dodgy cars in our time ( and I don't just mean vauxhalls!) - maybe there are a few more out there that have bought a car from this guy!