And They Want Defence Cuts?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Russia has (deservedly so) an inferiority complex. It's system proved to not work and broke down. Now it's crying 'cause some big boy has taken it's marbles.
  2. We ignore the Russians at our peril.

    Some of our leaders seem to have forgotten a few critical differences betwen Vlad Putins new Russia and the Old USSR.

    USSR: Piss poor home made technology.
    Vlads Russia: They can buy pretty much any mil tech the need now from the West.

    USSR: Piss poor and couldn't afford the gear anyways.
    Vlads Russia: Awash with oil, gas and mineral revenues.

    USSR: Conscript forces
    Vlads Russia: Translating to a professional armed forces.

    Putin has finished upgrading Russias Strategic Rocket Forces with modern ICMBS, his next plan is to re-equip the Air Force with modern 4.5 and 5 Gen fighters, the Army is also getting some very gucchi kit and should be fielding a thoroughly modern MBT in the not too distant future.
  3. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    And their advantage in rolling through Europe, attacking the Western Economic bloc/kicking off big style is ... what ... exactly?

    Sure, we don't let our guard drop. But we are smally beans nowdays. Finland, sharing a land border with Russia aren't panicking, and never panicked during the Cold War, despite being in the path of any Soviet drive through northern Scandanavia. Why allow ourselves to get all bent out of shape? Russia nuke the west? Have a think about it, what benefit does that give and end result to? Russia invade the west? And take on 4-500 million insurgents in waiting? Russia bully the west? And destroy trade links, mineral exchange rights and any economic benefit created since the end of the Cold War? I thin you need to look at the imperiaistic ambitions of America and China's stratospheric economic rise to see a bigger picture.


  4. No…

    Russia wants to be the regional hegemon and ensure that we are more aligned with them and less Washington Centric. They also want the ability to freely operate in what they regard as their sphere of influence and an upgraded SRF allows them to ensure that America gets no delusions of doing an Iraq in any of the 'Stans they regard as their home turf.

    They are getting their way, neither France, Italy or especially Germany will do anything much that will piss off Russia as they are beholden to them for oil and gas. Already they are the biggest trading partner with the EU, we need them and they know it and once they have a dominating economic position they will use it as a political lever as they already do in eastern Europe.

    IMO, the world is fracturing up nicely into accepted spheres of economic and political influence. Russia: Near East and Europe. USA: Americas. China: Asia and Africa.

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