And the good news is

At fcuking last the mog my mrs inherited after her father died is following in his footsteps. shitting himself on a regular basis, not eating - when he does he throws it up the dog molests him without the fcuking thing trying to scratch his eyes out just counting the days now 9 gone - none left fcuking hussar!!!
This is great news Stan, I was beginning to think that our cat was trying to outlive me.
He was twenty years old in October last. I hated to think that he would be around my missus's lap after I couldn't be but then divine intervention.
He started dragging his arse end a bit like 2DD after I butt battered him.
So at the beginning of November I had him executed by lethal injection and snatched back a corner of the lounge for my gun cabinet where his flee infested basket once stood.

Edited to add OD's 1, Cat 0
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