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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by kinross_special, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. How long has an ID card entitled someone to rail fare reductions?
  2. It's all over the place.

    The thing that actually concerns me more than the pompous jobs worth ticket inspector is that despite possible improper behaviour being alleged his employers will not investigate without a personal complaint from the soldier, in other worths they condne the pillocks actions.

    Even so before we get too carried away of course no squaddie, sailor or crab has ever tried to fiddle his railway ticket in any way have they?
  3. All the time when I was in - it was known as a furlough ticket !
  4. There's always the chance that someone in cyberspace hasn't heard this yet:

  5. PMSL!

  6. What on earth is that?
  7. It's an American expression, never used in my time inthe mob. :pukel:
  8. Bloody hell. What a story.
  9. Just when did ID Cards take over from pay books.

    In 1961 we got a bit of blue card with details and photo. It was contained in an unsealed plastic envelope which all could access the card. Certain Officers at Dolphin were famous for changing the picture often for a baby and seeing if the Main Gate/Pier Head Staff picked it up. Got rather shirty when detained with no ID card and/or defacing a RN Document.
  10. once got into BRNC with a blockbuster video card. Best one was an oppo of mine who waltzed through the gate waving a piece of toast....
  11. BZ NG :lol:

    Perhaps tha train conductor thought he might be Pte Golden? :roll:
  12. Conversely, I was refused membership at Blockbuster Video in Rosyth as my ID card was not a sufficient form of identity, whereas a payment slip for Scottish Power, which I wrote my name and address on in front of the BV girl, was!
  13. You need to have an Armed Forces Railcard to qualify for discount tickets. These can be purchased through the UPO. The MOD 90 doesn't confer discounted tickets, and the railcard has to be carried with the person at all times whilst travelling in order to make the discount valid.

    However, this knobber is clearly a jobsworth with no sense of perspective or, indeed, a sense of humour. It's worth pointing out that whilst I always travel with my railcard, I have also been upgraded to first class for free on quite a few occasions whilst travelling in uniform out of the simple kindness and gratitude certain train staff have to HMAF at large.

    This guy clearly scored as 'Train Conductor' on his BARB test and is quite bitter about it.
  14. One of the base security officers during my years at Faslane used a photo of a monkey on his and presented it to the head of MOD PLOD when he left, Head MOD PLOD mand was not amused as this guy had shown his ID card several times a day to the MOD PLOD gate sentries.
  15. So the story goes....... at the time when Culdrose had a working pig farm (so the officers could have a decent rasher with their brekers) a civillian worker on the farm decided to steal a pig, the only transport he had was a motorcycle and sidecar, so he stuffed the pig into the sidecar and plonked a sailors hat on its head, drove straight through the main gate with unsuspecting plod waving him out.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Where's the story here?! 8O

    Although service personnel purchase it va their UPO, an HM Forces Railcard remains property of the Rail Networks, like any rail discount card. If he wasn't carrying it then he is not entitled to discount tickets. And his Forces ID card does not guarantee discount fares either; much like a student carrying an NUS card cannot claim discount tickets, but must be in possesion of a Young Persons Railcard.

    Although I sympathise with the squaddie concerned, it seemed he tried to pull a fast one and got caught. Shit happens, shipmate...
  17. At last some sense over this. The indignation on ARSSE over this is almost comical.

    Fully agree Sgt, he knows, or should know, the rules and why should he expect special treatment. It's quite possible I don't doubt, that many ticket inspectors may well have turned a blind eye to a squaddie in uniform, but it's certainly not mandatory. Just because he/we chose to serve in the armed forces doesn't give us the right to arrogantly expect every civvy to put us on a pedestal.

    If the alleged comments were made by the inspector he was pretty out of order - but we are talking about the British media here.
  18. Got to say that on my reading of it he got invited to leave the train for having a toys-out-of-cot experience about the comment, not about the train ticket. It did say that he managed to get the money together but then had a tantrum.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Exactly. And - despite being permitted to do so - anyone who travels home on the train in full rig with battle order following a deployment is asking for attention (wanted or otherwise...) :roll:

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