AND it starts, unlucky Campbeltown!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by angry_mac, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Yes the first effect of BABCOCK buying out DML will be felt by the mostly Guzz crew of the clown. Yup her refit will be in Rosyth, you lucky gits. I remember the Cov being refitted up there and what a disaster that was, do they ever learn.
  2. I remember joining the Birmingham up in Rosyth during a refit, 6 to 8 weeks I got told i would be up there, 6 months later we finally made it back to Pompey
  3. Me too, had the misfortune of being on it too!
  4. I fitted Phalanx on the Brum at Rosyth during the 80s, did harbour trials in Pompey. Pompey dockyard found loads of defects and reckoned the ship needed another refit to put them right.
  5. ships are refitted in rosyth all the time. i know people who are on both guz and pompey ships refitted there. hardly shocking stuff
  6. Hmmm, shedloads of harmony time for the topmasted crew up there then - about as far as they can get from their base port.

    Is this one of the reasons why topmast isn't working?
  7. You can fly down from jock land in less time it takes to drive from DSC to Guzz. Look on the bright side, you could be in Pompey.
  8. Not every day though - the separated service will take a big hit. Unless they declare that her base port will now be Rosyth. Hmmm, now there's an idea!
  9. What happens these days, is that the engineers will go to Rosyth with a couple of comms, sa's, a writer normally jock locals so they dip in. The rest of the ships company will stay in a portacabin in their base port, so seperated service is kept to a minimum.
    It worked quite well on Edinburgh a couple of years ago.
  10. Don't knock Rosyth. The local kebab house, "Kebab Mahal" will stick a chicken vindaloo on a pizza for about £6.
  11. Surely if out of base port though the Ships Company will get LSA as they are out of port for more than 10 days, or do the purse holders find a way round that one?
  12. Shut up!!! :thumright:
  13. Hey, I might put that one in for a GEMS award! :w00t:
  14. Picked up my first ship a destroyer (H.M.S. Lagos) at Chats. it had been in moth balls at Rosythe, it seemed nothing had been done. all equipment was just lying anywhere. We spent everyday (for 6 weeks) working from 0800 untill dusk getting her ready, at times being brought sandwiches for lunch. Even though we sailed on time we were still not really ready. We finished up doing a mini refit in Gib (great). We were promised many make and mends but at sea they are no good.
  15. I think they do that with the carriers, it's a bit of a shitter.
  16. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    It's no different these days, and it hasn't been any better as far as I can remember. I brought a Type 42 out of RP1 back in the eighties and we worked 0800 - 2000 during the week and 0800 - 1600 at the weekends for three weeks just setting the propulsion system to work with the team. We were promised all sorts of shit and in the end the two chiefs, three POs, two killicks and six stokers got one make n mend. There just wasn't enough time to **** about pinning medals to our chests and lauding us as heroes. Fast forward twenty years and my recent experience on another vessel has had me working absolutely flat out, delays, knock-ons and **** ups aplenty, staying on board all night because going home for six hours is unfeasible. Many people (outside the engineering departments) act upon maintenance periods (be they Upkeep or Fleet Time) like it is some kind of kick back period. It's anything but. But then again what do we expect? I don't think anyone minds working hard as long as you have something to show for it and your efforts aren't thwarted by some 9-5er sat in ABW whose focus isn't quite as keen as yours or some chimp who thinks it might be a great wheeze to visit ship x right in the middle of her SARC recovery phases.

    People who slag individual dockyards off - the good old days (plenty of mateys, tools aplenty, massive dockyards, shitloads of time alongside to rectify defects) are gone. All yards are much of a muchness these days - all run by commercial interests (i.e. and you are bottom on their list of interests) and it is difficult to emerge from Upkeep or FTSP without contractors on board still working or guarantee defects. Unless we all want to rescind our cosy, low-tax lives, it is something we have to live with, innit?

  17. Not long finished a Refit in Sunny Rosyth on a Pompey ship. For the year we were there Rosyth was our base port. When we left there were more defects than when we were taken in!!!!
  18. I believe that under JPA any UK port becomes the Base Port if you are alongside that port in excess of 14 days. Therefore LSA will cease and the Ship's Company will get Unpleasant Living Allowance (but only if still accommodated onboard). They will probably have to move ashore and will get charged Food and Accom........They've got to pay for the refit somehow!
  19. we were supposed to go to bost last year before it got shitcanned. The buzz going round the ship was that Guz would becombe our base port for those 8 weeks.
    Not sure if there is any truth to this or wether it is just a gash buzz.
  20. While on Vanguard for a refit in Guz the just moved the base port, to down there and then moved us to Fasrain when we came out.

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