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Discussion in 'RMR' started by stinkfire9816, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. No..great blokes.

  2. Yes...and their families!

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  1. So we begin, at the moment, there are young chaps setting forth on an epic journey! No its not Lord of th Rings 4! New intakes of wannabes are trying to make ends meet with a new language.....BOOTNECKESE! Some sit up at night in their rooms trying to put together a fighting order, so that it doesn't fall apart on inspection!
    Some may well now be asking Mummy, where is the iron?, how do I work the washing machine? etc. Yes, its that time of year where the next intakes start the gruelling slog that is recruit training RMR style!
    So if your one of the hopefuls who have the guts to try, what must be one of the longest reserve training cycles in the world! Then let people like me know your thoughts! I HAVE A VESTED INTEREST!!!!!!

    ONLY A YEAR TO GO MEN!!!!!!!
  2. Halford...well the long winter nights will just FLY BY! Good luck....remember this..RIGHT PLACE! RIGHT TIME! RIGHT RIG!
  3. Halford, we could be forgiven for being a little worried about you if you're already counting the days with 8.5 months to go.

    You will get there. Thats what you have to keep telling yourself and it will be great on the other side. That is a proven fact. Life outside the initial training environment is always better, even though there is always more training to do. Just being treated like an adult helps.

    Remember the countless individuals who have been through it all before you. They made it; so can you. Keep smiling.

  4. Alright Stinkfire

    Im just about to join Holding Troop for RMR Scotland, which hopefully (numbers and resources permitting) will bring Selection for me in March. So far everyone Ive spoken to has been excellent - very professional and a good bunch of lads. Im looking forward to it and to be honest, just cant wait to get started!!

    Having just turned 30, I think the hardest thing for me to deal with will be bullshit for the sake of bullshit!!! I understand however its just "one of those things" and every Nod has to go through it. At least my ironing skills will be up to scratch!!! :wink:

    As for the question "Do I want to kill my training team yet?" Well obviously the answer is no!! Ask the that question in 6 months from now and I'd have to say……………………. "Does a Bear shit in the woods" :lol:
  5. Spenny

    Chap, here's the thing! There is NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING done in training for the sake of bullshit! Inspections make sure the kit is servicable, checking your KFS (you'll find out) to make sure you clean it, is to prevent you becoming a D and V casualty! Being in the right place etc installs a sense of urgency! When you pass out and go on ops you'll see why! The list goes on and on!
    So go there with a VERY open mind! I know from experience that some other Reserve Forces basic training involves a lot of the BS factor! But if you listen to what the traing team tell you, adhere to the instructions without question and act on them as fast as you body and mind will allow you. Then you wont go far wrong!
    This mate is the most important thing......everyone in a Green Hat WANTS you to none! But the thing is, that no one wants to allow someone to pass the course who he wouldn't fight along side! Because buddy it WILL HAPPEN quicker than you think!
  6. Stinkfire

    Roger that mate. I will take your advice on board and do exactly that. I am generally an open minded person anyway, but will make sure that I go into this with both eyes open and prepeared to accept whatever is thrown at me.

    I know what you mean about keeping your KFS/mess tins etc clean and serviceable. You aint much fekin good in the heat of the battle if your down and out with a dose of the runs!! I just need to keep reminding myself of that - everything is done for a reason!!!

    I take it by your last comment, that Marines from the RMR are going to be deploying as IR's to the Corps or Operating in a Force Protection role for the forseeable future then?

    Cheers again for the advice mate - always appreciated!!

  7. "We won't fail you, only you can fail you"

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