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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. A single mother of six is living in a £2 million house in Sir Paul McCartney's neighbourhood at the expense of the taxpayer, it emerged today.

    Jobless Essma Marjam, 34, is set to receive £6,400 a month in housing benefits to rent the five-bedroom property yards from Lord's Cricket Ground in St John's Wood.

    Fully Story Here

    No wonder this country is skint, with nonsense such as this going on and I am sick to the back teeth of my hard earned taxes being handed out in such an unnecessarily extravagant fashion.
  2. There are some things which must be stopped and quickly. :twisted:
  3. Now I am fcuking annoyed.
  4. Why fcuking bother working, when cnuts like this gets it all handed on a plate ?
  5. It's all about self-respect I think. I could never live on handouts unless it was a last resort. Damn my pride, I could be living in a mansion otherwise!
  6. I know what you are saying and i agree, but it does make you wonder.
  7. That's exactly my attitude, however I got critised for that attitude by a bin rat on here
  8. I am going to be a first time buyer this year and my budget is £130,000 so it puts me to shame a nice two million.
  9. Well if it was up to me, we wouldn't have benefits at all unless you were seriously disabled or the like. "Work or starve". There's just no work ethic in this nation anymore, people complain about all the immigrants taking jobs but the real problem is the fact that most of my generation and below don't feel the need or desire to do those jobs when someone else can pay for their tracksuits and dope. Fcukers.
  10. Get her to go down to Ikea and get some feckin bunk- beds.
    You have to love the name for one of her kids,

    Jihad!!!!!! Really, WTF? How are they allowed?
  11. Huxley got it right.
  12. The Chinese government got it right as well (in principle) - One Family One Child - break the rules and you lose your benefits!

    Harsh? - definitely.
    Practical? - absolutely
    Would I be happy living in China? - probably not
    Would it solve the UKs social problems? - it is probably worth looking at

    I can't wait for the deluge of criticism heading my way calling me all the names under the sun for being so uncaring and generally fascist ... or whatever other tag comes to mind. As I have said before on RR - it is my opinion and thankfully I live in a country where I am still allowed to have one.
  13. I'd probably go further Broadside, £40,000 one off payments for sterilisation for the professional dolemonkey much cheaper than keeping their kid in school/locked up.
    You facist cnut. :lol:
  14. AM - I shall wear that tag as a badge of honour :D
  15. There should be a central "Newtown" like Milton Keynes, where all these spongers are housed when their families grow so large that a normal council house or equivalent is not big enough.
  16. [​IMG]

    I'll give her 25 quid for the Prada bag!

    Can anybody I.D. the watch?
  17. The ghetto option does sound attractive. Trouble is, they could then vote for self determination and “independenceâ€. The UN would agonise for weeks and then probably support it. Remember the Albanians in Kosova?
  18. Things like this really wind me up.

    I would rather have the worst job going just to get me by. I would be ashamed to be unable to provide for myself or my family if they needed me to.

    I can not understand the mentality that people have, do they not want to get up and do something each day. I think things like this are where alot of this countries problems come from, not the benifits but the idea and mentality of getting something for nothing.
  19. Agreed these people(as in spongers not neccesarily ethnics) grip my shit

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