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Can we have a bit of a sort out of the forums page and get the newer forums ie Motoring, NBCD etc down at the bottom and the essentials such as The Corps (Oh alright and the RN Branches ones) at the top.
The way the new fora are sprouting up the very fora most of us have a decko at first will be relegated to page 2 or summat.
The new fora are very good by the way, Pets, Gardening/Decorating tips are my suggestions for the next new ones (JOKING!!)
I would disagree that the branches are the key ones - they are the specialist ones. The forum should be for the discussion of almost anything, but if someone wants to descend into trade specific matters then the choice if there, although it is there - in a 'minority interest' area. I admit that this is arguable between RM / RN - being very different, but it seems the only exception.

Secondly the new forums are an experiment, and aim to encourage posting about more than just what ship had a fire drill in the galley in 1948. Some have been a success so far - NBCD extrmely so, Some are currently dead. If they stay so they're easy to turn off.

The point is though that if I bury them at the bottom then they have no hope whatsoever, and we stick with the somewhat stale discussion that is all too common in parts of RR.


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GCO you have forgotten that you were addressing a Bootie.

NZB translation...

NZB from GCO "You are talking like a twat!"
"Alright then Sir." states NZB smartly, salutes, about turns, marches off. "Mumble, Grumble feckin' pig."
Fair do's,Good Co. :afro: :thumright:


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HA, ( i had to sign in because I'd signed out.......does this mean I have been permanantley signed in and on line for the last, well fcuk knows, for longtime?)

GCO, you stop talking cohirent to NZB, it's not fair that you take the p1ss out of him you fartherless.

He's a good man.
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