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  1. David Ginola - Vagina dildo

    Teddy Sheringham - Teddy Minge rash

    Ossie Ardiles - Arse is soiled

    Diego Maradona - O dear, I'm a gonad

    Tony Blair PM - I'm tory plan B

    Virginia Bottomley - I'm an evil Tory bigot

    Michael Heseltine - Elect him, he's alien

    David Mellor - Dildo marvel

    Dame Agatha Christie - I am a right death case

    The Metropolitan Police Force - I'm fellatio, the erect porno cop

    Benson and Hedges - NHS been a godsend

    Selina Scott - Elastic snot

    Mel Gibson - Big melons

    Gloria Estefan - Large fat noise

    Chris Rea - Rich arse

    Martina Navratilova - Variant rival to a man

    Gabriela Sabatini - Insatiable airbag

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome - O my terrible drains below

    Evangelist - Evil's Agent

    Desperation - A Rope Ends It

    The Morse Code - Here Come Dots

    Mother-in-law - Woman Hitler

    Semolina - Is No Meal

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