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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by spenp002, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I've applied as a Warfare Officer, coming up to my medical.
    Word is...Warfare Officers are over-subscribed and I know a guy whose been a navy nut for a good few years and didn't get it.
    I know this anything is possible lark is pretty strong on rum ration but i tend to favour being realistic.
    Is it wise for me to consider another career?
    Also, engineer technician's are being recruited now and I like the sound of working with top class weapons (hence the warfare officer). Problem is I took fancy, useless a levels like history and politics and have little assoication to engineering apart from a bit of work i've done. Will this be a big obstacle?
    Cheers in advance guys.
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  2. Stick to becoming an occifer, Knowing sweet F.A. doesn't matter as much in the wardroom:w00t:
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  3. Do an English 'A' level.

    Hang on...maybe 'O' might be a start.
  4. Because I spelt association wrong?

    Plus, they don't do O Levels anymore grandad.
  5. Well FMOSB!, thats you told Grandad.:biggrin:
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  6. You'll never know until you try. However, the role of an ET and that of an Officer in (what they commonly refer to as) God's branch are very different - are you sure you know what you want?

    Oh, and I wouldn't abbreviate Warfare Officer to WO. Means something completely different, and you'll annoy some people angrier than I.
  7. ahh right, sorry about that. Thanks for the heads up on it
  8. For reasons best known to the intelligentsia that make up the Warfare branch, Warfare (which begins with W) is abbreviated to X. An alternative name is the Executive branch, which begins with E. That speaks volumes about the intellect required to be in "God's branch" ;)
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  9. Ahh fair, noted.

    The thing is, I know it might seem hasty but I'ld like to get training ASAP, so to go through the recruiting process as a Warfare Officer and then have to track back and start the process again would be bloody frustrating.
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  10. Right, XO is something different again! Stick to longhand Warfare Officer ;)
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  11. Bollocks, was trying to be clever lol.
  12. It's not working.:biggrin:

    Perhaps a "less speed more haste" approach could be worth a try. Your coming across as a bit desperate and just a little bit under prepared ATM, only IMHO of course. ^_~
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  13. sounds fair, cheers
  14. It was more 'technician's' that stung my eyes sonny.

    Good job about the 'O' levels mind, as you'd clearly struggle with them.
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  15. Damn those pesky Engineers - it's typical of their lack of manners and breeding to steal a letter from God's Branch. Damn their eyes.....
  16. Oh, and being a 'navy nut' has nothing to do with your success at the AIB - go for it and find out before you dismiss your chances. If it's any consolation, I'll dismiss your chances for you instead, help you along and all that.
  17. It's all weird, I was electrical, had L on my branch badge (when I had one) and was called a greenie :biggrin:
  18. 'Engage' my good man - 'fire' is hot and crinkly and gets people all excited!
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  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    ******* great start when asking for help! Forget ET young fella, you have officer written all over you.
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  20. I hate you tiddly! You beat me to it ( was going to put it last night but played nicely). It is my prerogative to slag the arrogant twats off. I fully agree he sounds like a arrogant ******, and not even in the mob yet.

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