An Open Letter to Spaceman99……

…….and to any other curious Newbie.

Hello there,

When meeting another person face to face one can rapidly assess the other person by their dress, footwear, bearing, hair-style, head-wear, eye contact, body language, tattoos, etc. All of this in a very short time before even a single word is exchanged.

Once conversation commences then additional factors are added to modify that impression, i.e. traces of a regional accent, voice modulation, diction and grammar being key examples, regardless of the subject/content of the actual dialogue.

Communication via the internet in general, and at RR in particular, precludes those valuable opportunities offered above. As a consequence the impressions created or gained of another contributor can only be ascertained from; the output of that poster’s keyboard, the nature of their contribution and the attitude that can be inferred from the developing inter-changes of correspondence.

Once those initial impressions have been established, however, it takes an enormous leap of faith to modify them.

You, Spaceman99, have allowed both the active and passive contributors at RR to make certain value judgements about you from the very outset of your postings.

I have stated it in the past and I will repeat it here for your benefit; please try to consider that your words on our screens represent the clothing of your thoughts.

By that analogy you will understand that you have been quite out of the rig of the day since your arrival out of the blue at RR last Friday.

If you have a modicum of self-respect then perhaps you will consider pausing to sort yourself out a little and give yourself a kit muster before you engage your brain and let yourself loose on any topic to RR again.

RR represents pretty well every gender, branch, rate, rank, (serving and ex-) relative, age, length of service, and potential entrant to the RN and RM. It is open to all others, too!

Banter aside; there are very few topics here where an intelligent query does not receive a genuine response. In their own way many others here have already tried to make it apparent to you that those who choose to muddy the RR waters can expect only very short thrift, as you should have already discovered.

You may well ask - Who is this with the effrontery to offer* such personal advice?

No-one special, just another anchor-faced RR contributor who enjoyed a full RN career and who continues to hope that all those genuinely seeking the same eventually succeed at their various aspirations.

*NB In my book advice is never ‘given’, it is only ‘offered’.



Lantern Swinger

I wish I had the time and the patience to convey an open letter like you have ....outstanding..... been said previous and will repeat best post ever put on here


Book Reviewer
I could sum that up in a sentence Bob. :wink:

Nice post by the way. I hope you've not scared it away, I was just starting to warm to the thruster. :thumbleft:


Lantern Swinger
witsend said:
I could sum that up in a sentence Bob. :wink:

Nice post by the way. I hope you've not scared it away, I was just starting to warm to the thruster. :thumbleft:
I think he may be from Dublin, but I'm waiting for confirmation

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