An Ode to a Newbie

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by UncleAlbert, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Listen to my story lads
    See I was at a loss
    I thought I`d been abandoned
    and no one gave a toss

    At first I tried the Army
    but that came to a halt
    when the sergeant told me
    I couldn’t be a Walt.

    Next I tried the Royal Marines
    A soldier in a boat
    But as I’m scared of guns and stuff,
    I didn’t have a hope

    Then I asked the Navy man
    If I could go to sea
    “no problem son†the big chief said
    you look alright to me.

    So off I went to take my test,
    How fast can you run?
    Are you any good at football?
    And how old is your mum?

    Next I went to see the doc
    He got hold of my balls
    And when he gently squeezed them
    It didn’t hurt at all

    Soon I was at Raleigh
    Mustering my kit
    An doing allsorts of physical jerks
    To try and get me fit.

    I also learned to sail a boat
    An how to fire a gun
    and soon I had a special treat
    a visit from my mum

    “What’s up sonâ€, she whispered
    “You’re looking so forlornâ€
    “it’s cos†I snarled “when I came hereâ€
    They made me ditch my porn

    Chin up lad, its not that bad
    You’re out of training soon
    An anyway you can’t come home
    Your dad has let your room.

    So now I am a sailerboy
    A serving out at sea
    A ruffy tuffy deck ape
    There’s none so fine as me

    So listen all you newbies
    Don`t be one in a crowd
    Come join the Royal Navy
    And make your mother proud.

  2. Awesome :lol:
  3. Brilliant Uncle!!! :grin: :grin:
  4. UA for Poet Laurette
    Won't have any more namby pamby stuff

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