An odd question about eye tests


I'm currently going through the process of joining the RNR, and have just had my eye test at boots. However the prescription given in no way resembles the one I actually wear.

I doubt that it's correct as unless my eyesight has drastically improved and also as I pointed out to the person administering it, I couldn't actually read the board with it on. Not that they seemed drastically fussed.

Any ideas on how to get it changed to something that resembles the lenses I need to see, as I feel it should probably be correct. My previous experience in getting details changed is not massively positive, but I am now the right height, gender and born in the right decade. If not yet on the correct day...


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All I can suggest, if you do not agree with the grading, is ask your AFCO for a blank optician report form, then go to a second optician to re-grade at your own expense. If different, you have grounds for appeal & refund.


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I agree with NS, or another option is to approach your usual optician for a copy of your last test and compare the two. Might save you a few quid.

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