An interesting thought - RR calendar for Hols4Heroes?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Welshy, the little minx, has given me an idea. In order to raise a few bob for Holidays4Heroes. And due to the fact that you are all nosey pervy fcukers. What do you think of an RR Hols4Heroes calendar?

    The pictures, obviously, much like the garrison girls one would be anonymous, so you wouldn't see faces. Nor would you be named. It would be a sh1tload of fun, we could raise a fcukload of cash and it would be a good laugh guessing whos who. There may even be a few pleasant (or not so pleasant) surprises in there.

    I propose a male and female version, and I am willing to get it all off for the paying public. (the male version obviously, anyone with man boobs may have to be in both.) Thoughts?
  2. Yea sure this idea was flying around on the chatroom awhile back. Hell yea i'd be up for that!
  3. Did it? I can't remember, I was probably drunk.
  4. Dr Zoid can't log in for some reason, but here are his views on the topic....!

    "Fcuk yeah! Though my man tits might end up taking up an entire photo alone"
  5. How about the girls doing an "adult" version, I'd buy that
  6. Yea can't remember exactly who was in there at the time, you know how it is there's always a load of shite flying around in there!
  7. Fcuk yeah. It's working now. I'm in on this :D
  8. If it's to be attached to Holidays4Heroes mate it's going to have to be "tasteful". As in no Nipples, nackers, gash or c0cks.

    And when I say no c0cks you know what I mean, so fcuk off with the "No c0cks? You can't be in it then, blah blah"
  9. Bugger
  10. That's not to say we can't get some "special" shots for my "ahem" collection. 8O
  11. I'm trying to find the link for the pics that were taken in the Garrison girls calendar... what would the theme be, It can be suggestive without being tacky to keep all you RR perves happy :-D

    I'm trying to remember what their pics were like, but i'm sure ours will be pretty damn good... Monty how would this be done, professional or a send your own pics in job? I'm sure as there's a fair few photographers kicking about and as it's for charity something could be sorted with someone who knows what the hell they're doing...
  12. Bargain!! I'm up for the calender idea though. Better check Thingy's medical status out before he get's hold of the boyz only one though, wouldn't want his early demise due to over excitement on my conscience
  13. Wrecker does that mean you are participating in said calender or just purchasing?
  14. If done, It would be done professionally as we have to uphold a standard to keep the Hols4Heroes organisation as credible, no tackiness, no cheapness. I know some very good pussers phots who would be able to help.

    At the moment it is just an idea, it would have to be completely approved behind the scenes by the "others".

    The Garrison girls one was very "arty" in my view, it would be a strict choice between "arty" and "fun". Or perhaps famous images of the past.

    We will see, as I said, at the moment it is just an idea.

    Garrison girls
  15. Monty know what you mean about the 'arty' bit, think it's quite.. not old fashioned but it could be a lot more contemporary.. Anyway i'm a definite if all gets approved.

    Bagsy October though :p
  16. Either. Prefer to purchase as I don't want screaming women/papparazzi hanging around my front door once they'd seen me with my kit off 8O
  17. Is it for serving personnel only ?

  18. Of course, fair one. Perfectly understandable :p :wink:

    Anyone seen the film Calendar girls? I vision it to be just like that minus the 60 year old women.... :D
  19. Seems like a wizard wheeze. Upload your favourite
    (non-porno) image to somewhere and detail some
    clever Adobe PhotoShop Geek to make up an example

    Name for this?

    Rum Ration Flashers 2010 (?)

    Zulu Warriors (?)

    The 2010 Rum Ration Floppy, Flacid Flesh-Fest (?)

    The Gronk Board Calendar 2010 (?)

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