An Eye For An Eye

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Tartan_Army_Sailor, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Is this the way ahead? Link

    I think there could be something in this, sort out the evil bastards.
  2. Hmmm, playing devil's advocate here. We had the death penalty in this country until 1969 for murder, did it stop people from murdering.....?
    This sort of thing may deter some, but will never stop this sort of attack completely. I recently heard a line in a movie that held a resonance for me.....
    "When more than two people gather in a room, we start to choose sides. Then we start making plans to kill each other". OK this was said in an end of the world scenario, but it doesn't speak much to human nature. When I look at the world today, and view some of the scum that inhabit it, I do worry.
    What is the answer? I have long been an advocate of the death penalty for certain crimes, but I do wonder if more could be done in other areas to stop these crimes in the first place.
  3. Yes, I support both of the above in some ways, BUT, there must be a certain amount of leeway in borderline cases.
    I'm pretty sure that we could reduce the amount of feral youth crime by doing a G&S; ie. "making the punishment fit the crime". Offending youngsters of both sexes would be severely disenchanted if their leisure time was taken up by properly supervised scrubbing vomit from pavements, or graffiti from walls etc., IN FRONT OF THEIR PEERS and the public in general, and at a time that was most inconvenient to them.
    Far to much emphasis (and lawyers' time and fees), is placed on "human rights". If anti social behaviour was picked up at school, and the parent(s)
    brought up before a magistrate, warned, and that warning followed up with rigour, the current situation could be reversed in a generation.
    We have a problem with two generations who have been nurtured on the "you can't touch me, I have my rights" ethic. A third generation will bring this country to it's collective knees, and from that we could never recover without drastically altering our generally liberal (with a small L), and sympathetic image.
    I, at the age of 73, will not be seriously affected by this phenomenon, unless I am mugged, or worse, by the cretins that infect our streets and leisure spaces these days, but I do fear for my children and grandchildren, et al, after I am gone.

    (seriously "old school")
  4. 2BM
    ref:Offending youngsters of both sexes would be severely disenchanted if their leisure time was taken up by properly supervised scrubbing vomit from pavements, or graffiti from walls etc., IN FRONT OF THEIR PEERS and the public in general, and at a time that was most inconvenient to them.

    I was watching one of the late night Cop shows the other night and was pleased to see that the Police in a Northern town (Cant remember where) had stopped issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to People Urinating in the street, instead they have a local volunteer that comes around with a water bowser and provides water, detergent and brushes to the offender who has to clean it up there and then, this has reduced the amount of FPN’s for Urinating in the street from about 80 to 1 a month. I’m sure there are many similar schemes that could be introduced to reduce nuisance crime from the streets.
  5. We seem to be "level peggings" JC. I've just posted on your other topic.

  6. What would the punishment be.

    The dear old Lady was searching for her sixteen year old cat. A neighbour called her and shouted we thing these two youths have your cat in this plastic bag.

    The cat was in the bag they had kicked out it's teeth and its back had a large bloody groove. This was done by the axe one youth carried. Police called they where arrested. The vet informed the little old Lady he could fit his hand in the groove it's spine near severed the cat was put to sleep as they say.

    When the two youth's where asked why they did this they said they did not know.

    One refused to look in the bag. He was the one that supplied the axe. The other looked and the little old Lady told me that she will never forget that look on his face. Pure evil.

    The one who owned the axe was not charged. The one who used the axe forty community hours. These hours to be used on a hate management course at Runcorn Cheshire offices. Free dinner and warm room. He was banned from entering his home town over the bridge while community hours are served. He was spotted many a time in the town. When the complaint was made to the social worker handling the case the reply was the social worker handling the case had been promoted.

    The little old Lady at the time of the event the neighbours wanted to give the two youths a good kicking she said no we will let the law deal with them. She told me if she knew what the punishment would be she would have said kick away!!!!
  7. Unless he does a day shorter than most people work, 40 hours is about a week. Community Service is a bloody joke. The question is, who the hell do we vote for to get some meaning and deterrence established?
  8. It's usually served at the weekend. As this was a youth, that is probably about the most magistrates could hand out. There is a school of thought that if you are careful with youth offenders there is a chance that they could turn out 'decent' The majority do. I suspect that this particular offender is more of the psychopathic variety and even locking him up isn't going to help.
  9. I disagree. If someone is of a mind where whatever you try and do to help them will fail then locking them up will help keep the rest of society safe. It's pretty much all we have left.

    Having not been inside a prison I don't know first hand what the conditions are like for offenders but I have heard it reported often enough that they have enough for them to be reasonably comfortable. It has been mentioned often enough that they get more money spent on them per person for food than we in the forces get. They also have more space and privacy than the average matelot in a messdeck. Ok, they might be locked up at night and can't go out but when we're at sea there's not a great deal of difference, and I bet they don't keep watches and I reckon they get a better TV picture.

    I fully believe we should build more prisons and the more serious and violent offenders should be kept in solitary confinement in a small bare cell with enough room for their pit and pisspot. Take away their contact with other offenders so they can't become improved criminals, nor get drugs & mobile phones sneaked in. Take away their TVs, radios, newspapers & computer games and let them stew. If they are poorly educated teach them to read and write, then allow them books only of the sort that will educate and improve them. Some might consider it brainwashing but I think that's what it will take to realign people away from criminal activities, and don't forget that all the time they are locked up they are not commiting further crimes which must save the tax payer money, because despite it being expensive to keep someone in prison there is a cost to the public from crime.
  10. The county I used to live in found another way to deal with this problem a few years ago. The Depute Procurator Fiscal (the equivalent of the CPS for you southerners) was a female, and she would interview any one arrested for urinating in the street. Once the word got arount the numbers being arrested fell dramatically

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