An end to PMT??

andym said:
I think it should be force fed to all females!!!!
ahh but if you did that,,, when we get moody you will only have your selves to blame and will not be able to say... dont mind HER shes ON...


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Boo, I like having an excuse to cry just because I am having trouble tying my shoe laces, drop the iron, or lose my pencil momentarily...
Ladies, I think we should do as the Victorians did- refuse to get out of bed when the painters are in!

I heard that a few years back the male company of a ship decided to buy all the tampons and sanitary towels onboard. Once they had accumulated the stock pile they had a hoard of females desperate for femi-hygeine products, and used their new found power to align a regime of female slavery. Once the females had signed a contract, which meant that they were obliged to perform certain ‘duties’ (the specifics were never revealed to me), the lads ‘released’ the tampons and sold them at an inflated rate.



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Apparently the genius behind it all was less of the Alan Sugar... and just a fresh faced 19 year old straight out of Raleigh
I remember years ago - at least 20 - reading that you could take the pill permanently if you wanted to - women particularly did it if they were going into situations where it would be inconvenient or to make sure they didn't 'get the painters in' when they got married. Problem is that one of the times it would be most convenient eg travelling in very very hot countries you might get the runs anyway and then the drug wouldn't stay in your body long enough to work. Never fancied it - might be useful on the space programme I suppose.


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SpliceTheMainbrace said:
But then we can't use that time of the month as an excuse anymore. Then what do we do? We won't get away with murder anymore. :-(

I've no doubt you'd all come up with a suitable replacement..... and not all at the same time please!!
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