An aussie's view of the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomm90, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Having just read the whole article I find that there is nothing to disagree with, it sums up just what a shithole this country is.
  2. Yep, could not have put it better myself, 40+ years of Looney Liberal Gobshite policies have got us into this mess!!
  3. Not an Aussie's view, unless he's an Aussie living in London. A doctor? Sounds like Pat Condell to me. I'm a bit flummoxed because I didn't know a police station had been burned down. Is that a fact? Are facts important to the author?
    The sort of stuff the average chip on shoulder, gloating Aussie would eat up, though, eh?
    The language of the piece is angry and extreme, in fact, it's a foaming at the mouth rant and not a piece of considered reportage. The author made a lot of valid points which he immediately undermined with his vitriol.
    Don't get me wrong, I think the perpetrators should be brought to book, I even think that drastic measures are needed to address the ills that led to this but to characterise all those involved the way this diatribe does ignores some very inconvenient facts about the intelligence, education, articulacy, and status of many of those involved.
    As for this country being a shithole, the "deprived" parts of our inner cities are not this country, far from it.
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  4. yes his language was extreme in parts but some good points, Winehouse splurg was spot on.
  5. A bit of hyperbole on the part of the Aussie perhaps but....
    BBC News - Nottingham riots: Police station firebombed

    The other points in his article are easily verifiable in OECD surveys and the like and as a Doctor he probably has access to facts and figures hot off the press from the British Medical Association etc so he's hardly likely to be playing fast and loose that much.
    Remember his audience are the descendants of the same sort of criminal underclass as he talks about who love to have a poke at the 'Poms' and move on.
    I'll be in the UK shortly so I'll refrain from making any judgement on the shortcomings of British yoof and the intellectual classes who've abandoned them, according to the article, until then.
  6. Sad to admit it but the article is bang on.
  7. Sounds more like an Aussie enjoying a good unconstructive sneer.......I could write the same about Adelaide being one of the murder capitals of the world ...
    Our colonial brothers and sisters should remember the maxim " what happens in the UK today happens in OZ tomorrow" and wipe the smug grin off their faces...

    edited for bad spelin and grandma
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  8. ''Consider for a moment the following: although youth unemployment in Britain is very high, that is to say about 20 per cent of those aged under 25, the country has had to import young foreign labour for a long time, even for unskilled work in the service sector.
    The reasons for this seeming paradox are obvious to anyone who knows young Britons as I do.

    No sensible employer in a service industry would choose a young Briton if he could have a young Pole; the young Pole is not only likely to have a good work ethic and refined manners, he is likely to be able to add up and -- most humiliating of all -- to speak better English than the Briton, at least if by that we mean the standard variety of the language. He may not be more fluent but his English will be more correct and his accent easier to understand.''

    Having read the article i would just like to comment on the above extract, I am 21, i left school with an average English and mathematics knowledge but with a good and varied grasp of the English language, OK i have an accent but i speak clear English, I don't know anyone who cant speak English that i went school with, and all are easily understood, wherever in the country they come from.

    Now 6 years ago when i left school i had a plan, get myself an apprenticeship, learn any trade that i could, save some pennies and then apply to join the Royal Navy, Up to now my plan is going as i intended, But one change i have seen in these 6 years where i work is the polish factor, this year instead of taking on a school leaver to learn him/her a trade and and help cut the unemployment in our youth the management have taken on 5 polish men, skilled? no. Speak english? no. Hard working? no.

    I believe there are jobs available, but actually getting one is a different matter, the youth need to try and try and they will get one and the owners of buisnesis should be made to take on young English school leavers.

    Last but not least, the rioters, the yobs and the gang members are a small portion of this country, yes they are there and yes it needs sorting, but the major majority of Youth in England are hard working, respectable people, i think that is being shown on the images of the big clean up after the violence.

    Anyway wat do i know.. Iz just a young lazy hoodie waering yob who cannot speak english and wud rob me grandma for a quid...innit bruv. peace out biatch.
  9. Sad indeed. That you think it is "bang on", I mean.
    I detest Tony Bliar with a vengeance but having read his article in the Observer today, I have to say that he is bang on.
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  10. The article is shite. One man's diatribe.

    Proportionality, again like in every other off-track rant, needs to be applied here. Our fuckwit sub class with no morals, work ethic or education is not anywhere near as large as this article would have you believe. Anyway, the British have always been lazy, aggressive, ignorant and convinced they have a right to everything.

    Britain is certainly shit but that has more to do with ALL the British being *********, not just the poorly educated inbred slum dwelling ones.
  11. My Bold

    I say, steady on with your tarring everyone with the same brush dear chap.
  12. Bugger, I thought it was de riguer to do just that. That'll teach me to follow a trend. Hang on, now I'm properly confused. Who's post represents the opinion of all white, male ex-gollys? Yours or mine?
  13. Dunno shipmate as that was my first post on thread.
    Christ DSTs wasn't as confusing as this ;-)
  14. Double bugger! I was beginning to think that you were a literary paragon. You were going to be my new role model but now I'll have to find someone else :crying:
  15. Another 'pass it on to 10 friends and win a fortune' bit of email shite.
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I always thought an Aussie's view of the UK was from behind the serving side of a bar in a London pub.
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  18. Oh God, more Condell. Twat with a capital T.

    Smug, tub thumping, 'tard rousing, hypocritical, ignorant,lying,fact ignoring, right wing racist moron twat at that.

    He'd be dangerous if he wasn't so comically embarrasing.
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  19. So that makes it the truth - ******* nobhead, and the author is just a thick,

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