An Arrogance? (Assumed Consent)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 21_Man, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Re: An Arrogance??

    And your point is?
  2. Re: An Arrogance??

    I cannot see a problem with the presumption that ALL are donors unless opting out.
    Anyone wanting to opt out will do so, the health service will have to ask the family if it is OK to proceed with organ removal so whats the problem.
    The biggest problem is the health services methods of linking donor and recipient efficiently.
  3. Re: An Arrogance??

    I agree it's a good idea. However, I wouldn't say its the biggest problem for the health service. I suggest to many fat cats
  4. Re: An Arrogance??

    Soylent Green in the offing ??

  5. Re: An Arrogance??

    I carry the card.
    It could be seen by some as the State taking charge of your dead body after they have kicked your soul and will to live out of it. As Slim points out, there is an opt out. The NOK consent must still remain. If you feel that strongly, then take the option.

    You'd think differently if one of yours was waiting....
  6. Re: An Arrogance??

    As far as I'm concerned once I've popped my clogs I will have no use for any of my body parts (shame). If someone still of this world can use them they are most welcome to them, what a great legacy keeping someone alive after you've gone.
    However after 22 years as a Matelot and a further 19 years as a field engineer I have no idea how good my liver and kidneys will be, best give them to some alcoholic as they have come to expect a good soaking :w00t:
  7. Re: An Arrogance??

    Apparently if everone was a donor then we'd have too many 'spare part' time...and not enough doctors to fit them all!
  8. Re: An Arrogance??

    just imagine the way they could use the spares:

    sh!t on a raft anyone :w00t:
  9. Re: An Arrogance??

    I have a spare tyre on offer! Wouldn't want to waste it now, would we? ;)

    The other point is that as Britons are all subjects of the Queen, she can do whatever she fancies with our bodies, still warm and jubbly or cold and stiff.

    My body's all yours mam! :thumright:
  10. Re: An Arrogance??

    <can of worms>Maybe if those who are not on the register are not considered to be a recipient? </can of worms>

    I worked at a major cardio-pulmonary centre where solid organ (Fnarr, fnarr) transplants were becoming a routine procedure, to see the difference in people who just days earlier were fighting for life, and following transplant were so much better is a humbling experience. Part of me would like to see a positive opt-out system, ie unless a specific refusal is on record, then everything is fair game after death, but having seen how a sensitively worded request to consider donation can give comfort to the bereaved, I say stay as we are.

  11. Re: An Arrogance??

    As do many of us but in reality it means little, when push comes to shove they ask your next of kin and no matter what you wanted they will have the last say. Perhaps if they made the donar card actually ensure your bits were available that may well be a step in the right direction.
  12. Re: An Arrogance??

    I don't like the idea one bit, how dare people presume that I wish to donate parts of my body.
    There is only one thing wrong with the current system, a lack of correct advertising.
  13. Re: An Arrogance??

    In your case Lamri I agree totally. It's the whole (warm, throbbing) body or nothing! :thumright:
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Re: An Arrogance??

    I think your point here is the most important, if you decide to donate your bits and pieces to some poor sod why should a relative; in a state of shock and emotional turmoil - have any say in the matter. Far better this aspect of the donor system was sorted out and mere mention of it not necessary if the card is carried and signed or registered.
  15. Re: An Arrogance??

    Agreed. There should be no decision in this. If we're all in unless we opt out then the number of donors should, in theory, increase 100-fold. This being the case there would, again in theory, no real need for the doctors to have to ask as there should be enough to go about.

    I suspect the larger part of the population would be happy to donate but just haven't gotten around to getting a card or filling it it.

  16. Re: An Arrogance??

    Slight deviation, but Jim Mair read an email on PM which made me chuckle.

    "I'm already a blood donor, and they can have the rest of my bits when I'm finished with them, but I pity the poor soul who gets my face"

  17. Re: An Arrogance??

    I've already put my name down for Big John Holmes Willy :w00t:
  18. Re: An Arrogance??

    I agree with Lamri.

    Also, when you don't have a choice, who is to say the doctors will still want to save the life of some ugly sod because there is a 'babe' or even a relative in the next bed waiting for bits.

    It will start mistrust in the medical profession, 'he only came in for an ingrowing toenail' and now he is dead - creeeepy.
  19. Re: An Arrogance??

    I think this is really a bit of a non problem, what about all the folk like me who are registered donors, does that mean the quacks are going to bump me off the moment I step inside a hospital?

    As a personal viewpoint I see some one who is actively against being a donor as being very selfish, after all what use are the bits to you after your dead?

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