An appropriate way to let off steam.

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Sooty, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Having heard everyone talking about the infamous Rum Ration on the drill deck i thought i had to check it out for myself.

    While there does seem to be much back biting many of the posts are very interesting and appropriate and a good way to let off steam. Which is why i am wondering why i have been told to stay away from it?

    What is so bad that i should be warned off?
  2. :wink: There is a better way to let off steam :wink:
  3. Who told you to stay away from it Sooty?
  4. Welcome onboard Sooty. I'm afraid that some sailors just have no sense of humour and think that when you say 'life in a blue suit' you're discussing having to wear naval uniform! Just remember you're joining the ELITE and leaving the HEATHENS behind! :razz:

  5. No reason to stay away. I understand the members of the upper ranks quiet like the idea that we are all here sharing info and helping keep the spirits up.........Up spirits!!! :evil:
  6. Given the amount of "official" notices on the drill deck about Rum Ration, I think I could make a reasonably educated guess as to who this might be... :wink:
  7. Why are we infamous (apart from Hig's infatuation with French Birds)?
  8. as far as I am aware no-one has officially been told "don't go there"....... it's a case of, as far as I am aware, that some comments have been made in some of the threads that the upper management levels either disagree with or feel are either unwarrented or break the OSA or compromise OPSEC/PERSEC.
    As far as I am concerned I know the call signsigns of several of my oppos, they are aware of mine but, real identities are rarely revealed due to persec as this is an open, public forum. I also know that my CO is very aware of the site and has twigged me (damn! :grin: ).
    Sooooooo, crack on enjoy what RR has to offer....come on in to the chat room and meet us all join in and have a laugh :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  9. Oh how they hate us to share information and tell the truth to people.
    Unlucky, perks of living in a free society.
  10. Welcome aboard Sooty nothing to be worried about on this site, just beware of the bad influence of the old sea dogs and whatever you do don’t mention the `G spot` in the wrong forum or she who must be obeyed will be out for blood!

    Enjoy shippers.
  11. Someone quite a bit higher up the chain than me! They overheard one of the lads telling me about it and basically told me that it wasn't advisable to become part of it.

    Obviously their advice had the relevant effect!
  12. Don't you be so sure about that! My 'spy on the inside at CMR' tells me that the bosses have ID'd a few of us and "letters have been sent" - and it has nothing to do with OPSEC, PERSEC or G-Spots - major gripe is dissent and not showing adequate spoonfulls of loyalty to the system.

    Funny that, I always believed that loyalty ran both ways.

    Perhaps if they spent a little less time witch-hunting and a little more time addressing issues ....
  13. They don`t like it "Up em"
  14. Wasn't someone in the wardroom, was it?
    glad you took no notice, welcome onboard!!
  15. Do you really believe that? My pics are in the gallery, there are clues all over the posts I make. I have had no letter and I am very opinionated!
  16. Haven't you read 1984? They don't come for you straight away you know! :twisted:
  17. what can they do to me shakey? not promote me? well bugger me ... I have not been promoted for years!

    not renew me next time round? boo hoo!
  18. Errr, troop you?
  19. nope, how?

    I do this in my own time. Not under NDA.

    Have not released any state secrets under OSA.

    What jurisdiction do they have? what charge?
  20. Dunno. Not a legal expert.

    One of the forum regulators might have an answer.

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