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An Apology


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Blackrat said:
BreathingOutOnTheWayUp said:
Poor excuse - go and Join Blackrat on the 'Fluffy Step' :roll: :evil:

Oi! I never accepted his apology!. However, this step is nice and cosy and there's always room for more.

As for the Tiger. He rocks and i will defend him to the death. Kenny the Mong Tiger is my new deity. I fucking love that cat.

And it's your round


Ninja_Stoker said:
arfur_finger said:
For what its worth i would like to apologise for my recent actions

I am not going to go into the reasons why or what led up to it, however it was bang out of order and wont be happening again

So once again sorry to all involved.

This seems an apt a time as any to apologise for the Pope.

Since everyone appears to be apologising for something nowadays, it seems only fair that someone should apologise for the alleged "oversights".

Which reminds me, a guy rang up my AFCO a while back to ask what to put on the application form under "Religious Denomination".

"Well which religion if any, are your parents?"

"Erm, I think my Mum's a Capricorn" Came the answer.


Wow... the fact he managed to dial the number seems slightly impressive after that debacle.


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witsend said:
The list is endless, but it does'nt matter what name your under. You'll still be a knob. Leopard, spots and all that thing. :roll:


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