Amy Williams

She is also a charming individual in person, watched her first 2 runs last night and will be willing her to the gold tonight.

And yes, certainly worth a squirt!
I just recently watched her.I thought i had some balls doing down hill mountain biking and snowboarding, but fcuk me thats fast, i like the way they stop at the end, its sheer crazy. Got to take my hat of to them though.
witsend said:
Name dropping. :roll:

I love the Olympics, come on doll.
Haha, she was a guest at a sports event I was working at.

One run to go, she is blowing the field away, that time difference is crazy!
Jenwren said:
Absolutely heart stoppingly brilliant!!!
Pass the tissues!
'Kinnel - I thought only the males could sit and watch a good looking woman dressed as in a condom and need a handful of tissues afterwards :roll:


Lantern Swinger
wet_blobby said:
Is it just me or did anyone else think, yep, I'd break that, shame she's got no tits ?
Yeah got to go with Wet Bloby on this shame she aint go no tits wonder
if she takes it up the Gary. :D :D
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