Right you have helped me out ref camping in Scotland, and once again i am looking for some advice. The girlfriend and i are looking at going Amsterdam for a long weekend, im treating her as she would be coming to the end of her degree. We want to be near the red light district but not actually in it. We have both wanted to see this place as we have seen so much of it on the television, anyway can anyone recommend any decent hotels or B&Bs .

Cheers for the help.
To be honest daffy, Amsterdam's a small city and wherever your hotel or B&B is, you'll easily be able to take a walk to the red light district.

Apart from the obvious appeals it's one of my favourite cities, plenty of museums, galleries, restaurants and bars - enjoy.


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Only been once for a day trip, quick train ride down from Den Helder. The sex museum and sex show (I forget the name, the one in a old cinema) were interesting and a laugh. I had to chuckle as we were having a coca cola in some bar above a coffee shop, and all you could smell was ganga. The porn shops were funny, the movies arranged in categories from gay, bi, animal, rape, you name it. The window shopping was fun as well. One city I will pay a return visit one day.


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Some of the lads told me about the Banana bar, I done the casa rosa. A run to the dam, can we wait until I'm outside. :wink:


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Joint_Force_Harrier said:
StixJimboRM said:
We should do a RR run ashore there one weekend, that would be mint
Can you imagine it, A load of ex matelots on a matelot run ashore with no NDA to worry about!!

Messy :D
We would have so much more fun if they just binned that pesky NDA, or whatever its called these days.
StixJimboRM said: mate, check it out and read the reviews, I use Trip Advisor loads and the reviews are normally spot on
I personally dont find trip advisor or any other site like that helpful at all .What you get are people with shit loads of money go somewhere cheap (to save even more money).When they get there its no good for them .And tell people so .I once read a review .This person dod not like so all he could say was thr wall paper was out of date and the coffe machin in the foyer was broke .The discription for the hatel was true .Someone had wrote before what it was like (or thought himself it was like )and then he just said the same.I personaly went to this place and it was above average the deco was old but it was spotless .what more can one want ?????????


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I understand where your coming from lesbryan. You spot a holiday and seek further info, only to read that somebody had a crap one in 2006. Very hit & miss.
witsend said:
I understand where your coming from lesbryan. You spot a holiday and seek further info, only to read that somebody had a crap one in 2006. Very hit & miss.
Theres one on that sight somewhere (there will be many!!).He was a yank Touring the med stopped at this place (it was a budget place)then he moaned about it been basic and old .Well i ask you ?
Try looking for hotels round the Damraak, about 5 mins to red light district but near all the tourist traps. The Heineken brewery is a good trip - you get taught how to drink the stuff properly (not necking it in a oner) & 2 drinks before you leave. Most of the B&B type hotel rooms are very small due to the nature of how Harry Amsters was built.
You'll be sick of drinking coffee & eating apple pie :lol:
Avoid the Rembrantplein Hotel - it's gasher than Jock McGash of the Clan McGash. The Carenza hotel - situated in the Rembrant Plein is very nice. There's a good looking Goth place up by the station but looks pricy.

Go for the I Am Sterdam card at the airport if you fancy free entry on trams, and to some of the museums (no not that type of museums).

And enjoy the "cofffee".

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