Amnesty for illegal imigrants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by andym, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Rally call for migrant 'amnesty'

    The rally followed a mass at Westminster Cathedral
    Faith leaders and trade unions have joined a rally in London calling for an amnesty for illegal migrants.
    The Strangers into Citizens campaign proposes the one-off "regularisation" of asylum-seekers and visa overstayers in the UK for more than four years.

    The initiative, modelled on similar schemes in the EU, highlights current exploitation of illegal migrants and potential future tax revenue.

    The Trafalgar Square rally followed a mass at Westminster Cathedral.

    Immigration minister Liam Byrne has said the plans would put too much pressure on local services and "severely damage" the UK.

    You don't achieve anything if you simply replace them with another lot who get exploited

    Andrew Green, Migration Watch

    Estimates vary widely as to how many illegal immigrants are living in the UK. The Home Office says there are up to 570,000, while pressure group Migration Watch puts the figure at up to 870,000.

    Rally organisers say they support the right to restrict immigration but contend there are more than 300,000 people already in the UK who should be given the legal right to stay.

    Illegal migrants are being exploited by employers who pay them poverty wages, undercutting British workers and depriving the country of millions of pounds of tax revenue, they say.

    Campaigners want illegal migrants in the UK for more than four years be given two-year work permits, without a right to benefits, potentially paving the way for future citizenship.

    'Not right'

    Sir Andrew Green from Migration Watch said the move would be counterproductive.

    "Difficult though the present situation is with people being exploited, you don't achieve anything if you simply replace them with another lot who get exploited," he said.

    The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, who celebrated the special mass, told the BBC he was in "no way" intend to encourage future illegal immigration.

    Many of them are married, settled down and so they live in a kind of shadow land

    Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor

    But he said many illegal immigrants had already been in the UK for years and "their rights should be protected".

    He told the BBC: "Many of them are married, settled down and so they live in a kind of shadow land. That's not right and it's not fair."

    Addressing the rally, he said: "Our government and the governments all over the world must treat migrant workers with justice and with dignity."

    Best thing is to gather them all together then shipp them off to whence they came!
  2. Yep....back to the end of the line, do it properly, too many queue jumpers... :evil:

    Not sure about the numbers over here, but the US are talking approx 12 Million illegal's fun to watch the talking heads pontificate as to what they should do to resolve this issue.... :wink:
  3. Personally I think we should just wall off Kent and rename it "Illegalshire".
    That way whatever happens there is whatever THEY make of it.
    I'm all for looking after people in fear for their lives that are running, but those that have come over here purely to sponge need rooting out and throwing off the cliffs of Dover.
  4. You have struck a nerve with this posting andym.

    We have had several such rallies for illegal aliens. Of course the left leaning Democrats (and some Republicans) here will be quick to tell you that calling these criminals "illegals" or "aliens" is demeaning and hurts their self esteem. We are suppose to refer to them as "undocumented workers" Bullshit!

    I guess if you come home from a weeks holiday only to find that someone has broken into your house during your absence and moved their family in as well, mowed your grass, watered your house plants, dusted & vacuumed, you should call them "undocumented guests"?

    The idea that we should give these criminals anything except a kick in the ass to hurry their departure infuriates me. A criminal is a criminal is a criminal.

    Our President bless his ignorant heart keeps saying that "these poor immigrants are just taking jobs that Americans will not do." More bullshit. Americans will do any job. But damned if we will do them at third world wages. And that is exactly what the illegals will do them for. If an American carpenter that makes $20 an hour suddenly finds himself out of work, replaced by an illegal who will gladly do the same job for $6.50 an hour, don't dare tell me that carpentry is now a job that "Americans just won't do!"

    Nor do I buy the governments argument that "there are just too many undocumented workers here to try to send them all back". Since we can't catch all illegals, we should not try to catch any of them?? Let's apply that rule to other criminals as well. Since we can't catch all rapists, murderers, & burglarers, why bother trying to catch any? Bullshit on top of bullshit.

    I recently read that an estimated 12,000 criminal illegals are pouring across our southern border every week. Neither big business nor our pathetic government has the will or desire to stop it. Makes one want to start another revolution.

    Sorry for the diatribe folks. But this is a sore spot with me. When I hear that Exxon makes umpteen billion dollars profit a month and at the same time welcoming cheap labor in the form of illegal aliens, I see red.

    The working stiff gets it in the neck once again. In this case it doesn't matter if you are American or British. We are all in the same boat.

    End of rant.
  5. I think the word ILLEGAL should be stressed. These people are here illegally, in most other countries they would be arrested, imprisoned then deported. In my opinion it is time for the UK to take this approach, not reward them with citizenship

  6. Couldnt have put it better slim!
  7. Can't see why it touched a nerve because they are totally different cases.

    In 1848 US President James Polk fomented a conflict Americans called "The Mexican War". The Mexicans referred to it as "The US Invasion". General Ulysses S. Grant [later president] wrote in his memoirs that "we were sent to provoke a fight" and that the war "was one of the most unjust ever waged by a strong nation against a weaker one". Mexico was caught completely unprepared and after 2 years of slaughter was forced to cede California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and parts of Arizona in the Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

    The "illegal aliens" in the USA are overwhelmingly Mexicans and they are simply coming home :lol: :lol: :lol:

    PS - EXXON only made $9.92 billion profit in 1Q07. Admittedly up 75% and the highest quarterly earnings ever posted but someone has to finance Shrub, employ Haliburton and make Darth Cheney even richer before his Haliburton stock-options run out next year :D :D :D

  8. Seems simple to me! Them as have a reason to be here should own up and be sorted out to a proper citizenship, the others - the 'illegals' are exactly that! In the wrong place, get rid of them, either by return of post, or if that is unsafe for them to the nearest place to home that is (as per the UN mandate - theres a few places were they are reasonably safe between their homeland and this one; or is France now in the process of killing anybody they don't want (well I guess if they can't move them on to us they might!). If they won't go we have a system to move them - cattleprods/bayonets onto the transport and drop 'em off over the homeland 30,000 feet sounds about right! with that sort of incentive they'll soon stop coming - oh yes and daily beatings, poor food (like what they give the average serviceman) until they've gone, should add to the drive home incentive!!
  9. Looks like the Police missed a golden opportunity to guide the march onto fleet of buses and straight into Heathrow Airport- do not pass go. Failing that Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor can put up 40 or 50 in his home if he's so worried. The message being sent out is to hide long enough and then your safe. This Country is saturated and neither the NHS, Police, Education or the Legal System can cope with. Each year now we are told more houses must be built, the roads are congested, don't waste water because it's running out, well what do you expect you tossers when you take down all border controls and let the whole world use our health sytem and abuse the benefit system. The only people gaining from this are the already rich mass employers and the grasping lawyers with of course the ever present grasping politician sitting on the sideline vote for pay and pension increases. I have no problem helping needy people but our Country is being exploited. Enough is enough.
  10. Send the buggers back to where they came from.
  11. Grape-shot

    On this side of the Pond we did notice that for 30 years you failed to deport illegal immigrants from Southern and Northern Ireland who claimed to be Catholic Nationalists. So please do not put me in the same boat as your good self.

    End Of Rant

    Upset of Tumbridge Wells

  12. Nooooooo! What we need is to build a tunnel from Southern Ireland directly to Calais, place a sign pointing into the tunnel, and mark it "This way to England. Help yourselves to our Welfare State!"

    :wink: :lol:
  13. [quote="Bergen] EXXON only made $9.92 billion profit in 1Q07. Admittedly up 75% and the highest quarterly earnings ever posted but someone has to finance Shrub, employ Haliburton and make Darth Cheney even richer before his Haliburton stock-options run out next year :D :D :D


    You are right Bergs and I stand corrected. Recently on the ABC evening news I heard that Exxon-Mobile was making nearly $80000 of profit a minute. I tried to extrapolate that into a monthly profit figure and as usual my math leaves a lot to be desired.
  14. You are right Bergs and I stand corrected. Recently on the ABC evening news I heard that Exxon-Mobile was making nearly $80000 of profit a minute. I tried to extrapolate that into a monthly profit figure and as usual my math leaves a lot to be desired.[/quote]

    GS - If we could only stabilize the price of a gallon of gas at $5.00 then the oil majors wouldn't be struggling with such slim profit margins. :roll: :roll:

  15. You are right. Although most of my countrymen will disagree with me on this.

    Back in the 1980's there was a proposal to add a 5 cent per gallon tax on gasoline in order to fund a national rail & urban mass transit system that would be the rival of any in the world at that time. It went nowhere. Americans wouldn't stand for the nickle increase per gallon. Gasoline at the time was around $1.20 a gallon I think.

    So now gasoline in the US of A is near or over $3.00 a gallon. Still no mass transit system. Everyone is still addicted to their gas guzzling SUV's. And a nickle a gallon is still too much to ask the public to fork over. Makes one want to scream.
  16. Notwithstanding the legality question, a question for the "send 'em back" brigade: who do you think will do the jobs that these people do? The fruit pickers, the restaurant washers-up, the waiters and waitresses, the street cleaners? Essentially the guys at the bottom of the job ladders? Personally, the vast majority of the illegals are hard workers who are willing to help, unlike many of our glorious citizens who don't give a damn. It's not a case of "stealing our jobs", it's a case of "doing our jobs".
  17. as has been explained before, US and UK, if the illegals weren't here and willing to work at rock bottom prices, the employers would have to pay a wage you can live on.
  18. Certainly illegal immigrants became more visible to me when the contracting out of Local Government cleaning services meant an influx of Spanish speaking people via the contract cleaning company working for that particular authority. I was initially delighted (as a Spanish speaker) to have the opportunity to practice my language skills but was confused when I realised that the people who were telling me they were Spanish were blatantly not. I kept quiet as I didn't want to make waves at that time. Ever since organisations contracted out cleaning I've never worked anywhere where people were satisfied with the level of cleanliness. Before this there was a direct relationship between management and cleaner, I even worked one place where the cleaner took a real pride as he was the caretaker of the building too. Now with an extra layer of management - sometimes two as an internal person sometimes manages all the contracting companies and they in turn liaise with the managers of the cleaning company - and often working with people who speak little or no English so most people can't even engage in normal day-to-day social interaction it doesn't seem as if the quality of life is better now than it was when I started work at 16. (It feels as if I work with a mute sub-class who are mainly non-white, must have been like this in South Africa under apartheid.) I blame Thatcher (OK the Conservative Govt.) for those penny pinching ideological policies that have made the working environment so much less pleasant.
  19. I have no problem with stressing Illegal. Just sending them home has it's problems, we have been supposed to be doing that for years and it hasn't happened yet, because there is an industry, an illegal industry involved in bringing them in and employing them that feeds of these unfortunate peple and evades paying taxes to that nice chap Gordon. First we have to get better at stopping the b*stards shipping them in in the first place, then we can replace the ones needed by legal immigrants as needed. Then we can offer an amnesty to those already here under very strict conditions that ensure first that we catch the people who are providing them work and shelter, and that they only get a permanent right of abode only after a significant probation period during which they can be shipped out immediately on breaking the conditions of their probation, and limited access to social security until they have paid at least 12 months NI. Equally the transfer of right of abode to citizen ship should be after further strict probation.

    The fundamental though is stopping the flow first, without that anything else is useless as any iscovered and sent home or given an amnesty will just be replaced with more illegals.
  20. Illegal Immigrants – Only doing the jobs that 5 million lazy British bastards signing on the 'sick' or dole as a career choice will not do.

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