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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by hobbit, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Although not a member of the sub-species , Deckapus Ringboltkickitus , I still enjoyed sailing and rowing during my twelve . Was in a whaler crew that came second to the Trinity House crew in the Saltash regatta many moons ago. To the point , why , as a major seafaring nation , was England unable to win the ' Cup ' ? So many attempts and yet much smaller nations eventually wrested the trophy from America and ffs I understand the latest winners are from a land locked nation , Switzerland, incredible . I realise there is no answer to this ? Simply the best side was successful I suppose but still puzzling as to why England was unable to break the American strangle-hold on the trophy and it's unlikely they will ever compete again unfortunately.
  2. I think, with the Americas Cup, it all comes down to sponsorship.

    Obviousy UK companies dont think this type of advertising is good for them.

    Also, why do they postpone races due to no wind? Anyone can sail when there is wind, the better sailors come to the fore when there is little or no wind.

    If you enjoy sailing, or just want to watch other people make total fools of themselves, get yourself to Norfolk for the 3 Rivers Race at the start of June each year.

    I competed this year for the first time in a wayfarer. Boats of all shapes and sizes take part over a course between 50 and 60 miles long and will be timed out if they havent crossed the finish line within 24 hours.

    Our time this year was 23 hours and 25 mins. 105 boats started 48 finished and we were 43rd. Next year we hope to be competing for one of the top prizes.

    Along the route the boats have to pass under 2 bridges twice (there and back), and these are major viewing points.
  3. Reckon you're right there and probably the question as to why England was never successful in winning the trophy will remain un-answerable . Yes , half your luck if you are still sailing , a noble sport that I always thought was the sport of kings not the geegees . My only pleasure these days is the TV coverage of the Sydney Hobart Boxing Day Race now accepted as a world classic I believe . Again big business and big dollars involved such is sport today
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Also helps if you can afford to buy the best crew available - the marking on the sail may have been Swiss, but the afterguard were all Kiwis.

    Now if they made a ruling saying that only nationals of the country could be in the boat, we might see a difference.........
  5. A bit hard to find the last succesful Swiss seafarer, methinks ? Even in such a fine art, sponsorship buys success.
  6. Russell Coutts (Spit) is Persona Non Grata in most kiwi yatch clubs for having helped Alinghi win the America's cup. Butterworth is now leading the race for most hated kiwi. But seriously it is good to see the mercenaries win at least it wasn't Dennis Connor "Mr America's Cup" The pompus [email protected]#@. :pukel: :toilet:
  7. I couldn't get over the fact that in UK, the America's Cup was prime time viewing on SKY SPORTS 1: like our team even got to the qualifiers, and despite the enthusiasm of the minotity UK sailing fraternity, means absolutelt FA to the most of us, persisted in plugging it ! I can go on the Hoe and watch much more entertaining sailing 7 days a week, which costs the participants an awful lot less - sorry, not my scene at all........
  8. I support this approach in all sports instead of the multi-national commercialised stage presentation of many nowadays . What with a rock concert , cheer squads and all the other rubbish the sport is lost ,such is ( modern ) life. At one time to represent Yorkshire at cricket it was neccessary to be born there I believe , no longer the way I understand .

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